The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement
In Memoriam Our Permanent Honor Roll of
Beloved Deceased Companion Animals

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06/01/09 – 08/30/13

To my little fur ball of love. You filled my heart and life with joy, but for too short a time. Before we meet again, please visit me again.

– Forever, Mom (Lynn Lohmeier)

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Watson (Watty)
06/26/02 – 08/11/15

Our joy. Our baby boy. Our love for eternity.

– Rosemary Ischar

1988 – 02/02/05

Our precious girl with the puffy cheeks, magnificent whiskers and more love than we could ever imagine! You’re our first – our last – our everything. Butterfly kisses!

– Mommy, Brett, Pumpkin, Daddy, Thor, Aristotle

02/27/89 – 10/02/01

With your funny ways and loving heart we cherished you right from the start. We will never really be apart.

– Love forever, Mommy and Daddy
(Laurie Koen and Les Simon)

02/27/89 – 10/02/01

Though the time you spent with us was short in years, the memories of your precious heart will be with us until we meet again.

– Ellen and Aaron Pratt

flickering candle
02/00 – 07/19/13

You were the sweetest little girlie girl, my shadow, my heartbeat! It broke my heart to let you go. You’re forever in my heart. Thank you for your love.

– Your loving mom, Marion

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09/16/94 – 05/19/05

We’ll always love you, our smart, beautiful, cuddly, beagle girl. Thank you for the love, joy, and fun you brought to our lives. We miss you, but we’ll be together again someday.

– Love, Brenda and Keith

Wiley B
07/20/05 – 06/16/14

Wiley, you were just the best dog ever. I cherish the 9 years we had together. See you at the Rainbow Bridge. You are forever loved and missed.

– Wendy Bowman

05/05/05 – 04/09/13

Who said “Hi!” when we said “Hi!” to him?
Who gently pawed our hands and faces?
Who came when called? Who looked us in the eye?
It was you Wilf!

– Florian and Nancy

05/31/96 – 06/08/99

Castle’s William Wallace, CGC
Love has no measure and pain has no end.

– Patricia Hiscock

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William B.
2001 – 12/13/14

My sweet William. You will be sorely missed.

– Amy Borodach

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09/04/99 – 02/10/09

My beautiful best friend and beloved teacher, you opened my heart to a love that changed me, affected me, and transformed me into who I am. Thank you.

– Cheryl D. Hiebert

1982 – 04/23/96

Our first dog who brought us unconditional love and so much joy and happiness. We still think of you and cherish your memory.

– Danielle and Jean Paul Dieppois

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Willy Hendricks
05/93 – 06/28/06

You taught us what unconditional love is. You brought incredible joy to our lives with your loving presence. We love and miss you so! Until we meet again, forever loving you,

– Mommy and Daddy (Nukhet and Bryan Hendricks)

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1986 – 02/14/02

Mom and Dad, I will wait. And when you get here we will start a new journey — one where we will have each other, together forever, and never part again.

We miss you angel girl.

– Rick, Ursula and Rodie

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Winifred “Winnie the Pooch”
07/05/91 – 03/02/06

Puppy, until we are together again, I will see your sweet face in my mind. Rest well in your little blanket. I miss you so much, and will always love you.

– Your Mommy, Chris. (Chris Cahill)

2000 – 05/19/04

You are finally free. Run, play and be happy. Someday we will be together again. And this time, my sweet little girl, it will be forever.

– Love always, Mom (Carolyn Christy)

Winnie M
? – 09/14/10

My dearest Winnie, I have never known a cat like you. I feel like I’m missing a limb. You will never be forgotten, and will always be in my heart.

– Monica Michelena

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02/88 – 08/07/03

Winston, you enriched my life giving unconditional love and enchanting everyone with your expressive face. Always my “Boogie” and forever in my heart; I miss you!

– Love, Mommy (Tina Crislip)

05/03/86 – 08/19/09

Thank you for being a sweet, beautiful and devoted friend who brought us joy and love for so many years. We will love you always.

– Love, Sandi, Don, and the amazing cats

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1978 – 12/07/93

Wiz, my heart and soul, my sanity. Your never ending love was always there, a gift beyond words. Until we meet again… Love, Mom

– Tara Cohen

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Music: “The Dance of the Blessed Spirits” from the opera Orfeo, by Christoph Gluck.

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