The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement
In Memoriam Our Permanent Honor Roll of
Beloved Deceased Companion Animals

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1996 – 1998

In memory of Tiger, who passed away of liver disease in June 1998. I’ll always love you and think of you.

— Tim Brand

Tiger S
08/29/00 – 02/22/13

Sweetheart. My special girl. With a gentle loving soul so sensitive to our world, you learned to communicate your ideas and you transformed my heart. I will love you forever.

— Mom (Kris Schultz)

01/23/95 – 01/17/08

My buddy, my companion, my heart. Because of you, I have a new puppy. She says goodnight to your photo that hangs near where you slept.

— Peggy Spofford

Tigger Peterson
? – 01/28/09

Even though you are gone you will never be forgotten. You are greatly missed every time I get home and you are not there at the door to greet me.

— Dad (James Peterson)

1987 – 1999

My gentle soulmate, You enriched my life with your presence. I am forever indebted but lonely without you. You are always in my heart.

— Lisa Torrey

Tika L
1996 – 03/19/11

What an energetic senior dog you were at 11, when you picked me! You had quite a second act as a therapy dog and greeting card model!

— Lovingly yours, Mom (Karen Litzinger)

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1992 – 09/28/01

Sweetheart, the celebration of your life will continue in my memory and bring me peace. And for that I am forever thankful. Daddy loves you, forever.

— Bob Gelfand

07/86 – 01/30/02

My best friend and constant companion, thank you for your unconditional love and loyalty! I miss you and love you forever, my baby girl.

— Marion Lovell

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1997 – 12/10/06

Rest peacefully my little gray man. You are sorely missed and will remain forever in our hearts. You are loved dearly.

— Love, Mommy, Sister Jenny and Misty (Karen Pineda)

Tino Martinez
09/03/01 – 06/15/09

My boy Tino, I miss you and will love you always. I wait for the day I will see you again. You are always in my heart.

— Love, mommy (Roseanne Ayala)

03/03/03 – 10/28/03

Our time together was so short, but you touched our lives so much. We will never forget you, little sweetheart! We love you always. Until we meet again…

— Mom, Dad (Ed and Lethia Morgan), Birdie and Mattie

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Toby Byers
10/08/89 – 10/05/03

You were my angel. You were my best friend. You will be in my heart and thoughts, forever.

— Mommy (Susan Byers)

Toby Gold
01/22/92 – 01/07/06

Losing you, my beloved Toby, was heartbreaking. You know that you created something beautiful in my life. Thank you, angel. I miss you.

— Your loving mommy (Elge Kowalski)

Toby J. Hetzel
04/08/97 – 09/07/13

“I thank God every day for the gift that he was. If it weren’t for Toby I wouldn't know what unconditional love was. Forever in my heart.”

— Dannean Hetzel

Toby R.
05/25/02 – 01/01/15

Precious little girl. You brought so much joy into our lives. We miss you more than words could say, and you’ll forever be in our hearts. Sadly missed by Mom, Dad and kitty brother, Tyler.

— Sarah and Bill (Sarah Robinson)

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Toby Zell
08/14/95 – 05/09/09

In memory of our loyal and beloved Toby. You brought us many years of happiness, and we will miss you and think of you often, until we are together again.

— Robert and Nancy Zell

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Tommy Lee
07/26/95 – 10/10/05

My three-legged beauty, the joy and love of my life forever. I miss and love you, my furbaby. See you soon at the Rainbow Bridge.

— Love, Furdaddy (Richard Crowell)

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1989 – 2000

I love you more than life, and miss all the wonderful kisses and hugs. The Lone Ranger is very alone, without you.

— Anne Roderick

10/11/05 – 09/03/13

Tootsie, you have always been my heart and my baby, and the most loving dog I have ever known. Thank you for your unending, unconditional love.

— Your Josie (Josie Gibb)

Tory (Ch. D-Ann’s Viator)
12/07/87 – 12/29/03

My sweet Tory, I will always love you, and hold you in loving memory. The Lord has blessed me with your life, and all my other fur kids.

“A righteous man regards the life of his animal.” (Provs. 12:10)

— Jean Meuser

05/26/96 – 10/09/06

You brought sunshine, love, and laughter into my life. My gentle, loving boy, we'll be together again. Until then, you will always live in my heart.

— Mory Medina

08/11/00 – 06/07/06

Our little cuddler. You filled our hearts and home with joy — it’s not the same without you. Go run and play until we meet again for big hugs and belly rubs.

— Love forever, Mommy, Daddy, Buddy, Boomer and Annie (Tina and Matt Hubbard)

12/12/85 – 07/21/98

We love you, Trevor. You will always be remembered for your enthusiastic joy, your protective loyalty, your majestic presence, and your handsome markings.

— With love, Mom and Dad (Patty and Bob Hedges)

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06/23/94 – 08/30/04

My boy Troy, I miss you terribly, and life is empty without you. You were the light in my life, and the joy in my heart. See you at Rainbow Bridge.

— I love you, Dad (Robert Koob)

07/04/94 – 03/07/11

Dearest Truffle, you will always be in my heart. You were the light of my life, my beloved angel. I love you forever

— Elaine Kleinbart

05/23/93 – 11/15/08

Tubby, my cat who thought you were a boy. You grew to be wiser than I, and I so miss your love and advice. I’m lost without you.

— Your brother, Stephen

11/14/93 – 12/30/05

Clown. Playful. Stubborn. You taught me that playing is equal to breathing, and about choosing joy over pain. A young soul in an old body; willful, even in goodbye.

— Love, Glinda

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1993 – 12/17/08

Goodbye, my sweet baby boy. I will never forget you. You taught me to love again!

— Barbara Squier

Tucker F
05/09/01 – 11/17/13

My precious Tucker, you were a light that lit my life. You will never be forgotten. Have fun in heaven. I will see you there, someday

— Love, Mommy (Carol Fathbruckner)

Tucker P
04/19/03 – 07/29/13

Tucker, my best friend who saved my life and touched so many. Your loss took a piece of my soul. I miss you, and will always love you.

— Kimberly Pici

? – 08/14/08

Our time together was way too short. We love you with all our hearts and miss you terribly. We’ll see you at the Rainbow Bridge.

— Mom and Dad (Jen Rossi and Paul Poulos)

Tyler Robinson
09/25/02 – 08/19/17

Our sweet boy. You left us much too soon. Rest in peace my precious little angel. You are sadly missed by Mom, Dad, and Muffin.

— Sarah Robinson

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08/30/99 – 05/30/16

You’ve been my loyal companion for 17 years. I miss you dearly. I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye. Thank you for your unconditional love. I will always love you.

— Love, Your Mom (Liz Felton)

Music: “The Dance of the Blessed Spirits” from the opera Orfeo, by Christoph Gluck.

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