The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement
In Memoriam Our Permanent Honor Roll of
Beloved Deceased Companion Animals

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? – 01/26/04

Although your time here was brief, your loyalty and gentle nature will forever be remembered. No more pain or suffering. Run free, Taco.

— Suzanne P.

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1986 – 2001

You will always be our pride, our joy, our baby. You made every moment special. Everything good in this world was in you.

— David and Terri Hautzig

2006 – 08/03/15

You were so accepting and submissive. I will never forget you. I love you. I will see you again at Rainbow Bridge!

— The Mommy (MPZ)

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04/01/95 – 09/08/04

You were a loving and contented soul, who moved with grace and beauty. We will always love you, and remember our sweet times with you.

— Sandi, Don, and the Amazing Cats

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04/92 – 07/12/06

I wish you could have stayed with me forever. I will always miss your kind little soul.

— Sally Powell

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1989 – 09/25/01

Sweetheart, my inspiration, my heart; your little spirit is everywhere I go. We will be together again for eternal hugs and love. For now, play your heart out.

— Ellie Waldron

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1989 – 1999

So beautiful, so loving, so humorous. You were, indeed, the best friend I ever had.

— Suzanne P.

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Tara Greene
02/14/85 – 11/02/05

Goodbye, my friend. You were my anchor in the storm of my life. You are now in my heart and soul, never to be forgotten.

— Lorri Greene

1992 – 09/10/02

Your gentle spirit taught me about unconditional love and lasting friendship. Even though your body is gone, you will always be a part of my life. Thank you for being my best friend. You will be missed.

— Amy

04/88 – 08/20/03

Tasha, you will always be my little girl. From the day we met I knew we would be together until the end. You and Austin were my life, and are together, once again. My tears are endless.

— Carol Austin

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Tasha C
11/10/98 – 08/04/09

Tashi, pretty little star girl of my heart, we are blessed by your kindness and wisdom. Run free, swim well, chase pine cones and bite carrots. We are together always.

— Annie Callaway

Tasha Cohen
1977 – 08/20/97

Tasha Hat, Queen of Attitude and ruler of all you surveyed. You left your mark upon my heart and soul. Until we meet again… Love, Mom

— Tara Cohen

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Tati - God called you and your puppies home and part of me went with you. I got here by your love. Until I hold you again, my Gazuma.

— Love, Your Mommy, Tanya

12/25/02 – 10/23/09

“Tauwie”, my baby boy. You have tremendously blessed and enriched our lives. We love and miss you dearly and will keep your little light with us always.

— Mommy, (Lola Williams Lastrapes)

03/16/99 – 08/06/15

Dearest little Tawnie, you loved everyone you met. Loving, strong-willed, sweet and happy, you live on in my heart. Rest gently in God’s arms until we meet again.

— Love, Mom (Rev. Shellie K. Pinner)

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03/28/13 – 03/14/15

Our precious “Girlie”. You brought more joy and love to our lives than we ever could have imagined. Miss you every day. Fly happy and free, beautiful Taylor. Love you forever.

— Your Family (Shawna, Sean and Ryan Giancola)

12/20/02 – 03/22/06

Lovey Boy, you were my loving, faithful companion. I miss kissing your sweet face. I love you more than anything in this world. You’ll live in my heart until we are together again.

— Love, your Mamma. (Jeana DeCrescenzo)

05/01/99 – 02/05/15

You made a tremendous difference in my life, and I thank you. The things you taught me through your gentleness and patience will stay with me and will be passed on.

— Paul Caver

06/90 – 01/04/06

Hunter, entertainer, matchmaker, connoisseur of fine foods. Thank you for 15 years of loyalty and unconditional love. We miss you and love you dearly. See you in heaven, honey.

— Love, Dad (Dan Murphy) and Mommy (Nina Papazian)

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Teri Lynn
04/04/92 – 12/24/08

Teri, you touched our hearts in so many ways. We will miss you always until we see you again.

— Fernando Martinez

The Watch Kitty (TWK)
06/15/91 – 03/28/07

You were my soulmate for 15 years until contaminated food took you from me. I am devastated, but you will always be my special angel — you were such a pretty girl.

— Love always, Dad (TMK)

1994 – 02/14/00

Dear Sweet Thumper. You hopped your way into the heart of many hospice patients, but not after hopping deeply into mine. A piece of me will always be with you!

— Love, Heather

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Thumper Stuparyk
04/81 – 08/10/92

Dear Thumper, our Easter rabbit - Always gentle, sweet, and mischievous too - Beautiful memories of you fill the happiest place in our hearts.

— Love forever, Emily and James Stuparyk

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Thumper Bumper
01/01/95 – 09/23/04

Darling Thumper Bumper, Our brave, beautiful, funny bunny. Farewell dearest fellow - you epitomized love for us all. Godspeed ’til we meet again.

— Love forever, Emily and James Stuparyk

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Music: “The Dance of the Blessed Spirits” from the opera Orfeo, by Christoph Gluck.

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