The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement
In Memoriam Our Permanent Honor Roll of
Beloved Deceased Companion Animals

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1986 – 07/31/04

My wanderer-traveller. Sweetness, beauty, patience, peace - I measure all these things by you. I love you and will forever miss you, magnificent boy.

— Mamma (Laura Willcox)

10/15/93 – 04/15/12

My precious Simba, I miss you reaching out for me when I walk by your bed. There will always be a hole in my heart in the shape of you.

— Lori Bourgeois

1990 – 06/13/03

Daddy, Mommy, and Queenie miss you so much. We hope you’re getting all the belly rubs you want in heaven. We love and Miss you.

— Mike and April Finizio

08/23/89 – 08/20/04

My precious boy… this house is so lonely without you. Run and play without pain. I miss you terribly and hope to see you soon.

— Michael

? – 11/11/08

My soul mate. You jumped into my arms and it was love at first sight. I was so lucky to have had you for those 12 years.

— Betsy Gibson

04/93 – 06/10/15

I love you Sissy. Thank you for being a loyal and loving friend.

— Heather Clark

Sissy C.
10/10/04 – 03/26/16

My Angel gift from God, while sick you showed and taught me faith, hope, love, determination, and the will to live. I love and miss you. See you in Heaven, soon.

— All My Love, Daddy (Richard Crowell)

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1988 – 08/12/02

Goodbye, gentle and faithful friend. Now you can run, again. We miss you.

— the Phan-Trans

07/20/97 – 11/05/11

My precious little girl, you gave me so much happiness, comfort and unconditional love. You will be in my arms again at the Rainbow Bridge.

— Love, Darrell Pennycoff & family

07/17/06 – 06/07/12

Dear little Skrinks. I will always love you, and treasure the memories of our life together. You left much too soon.

— Sadly missed by Baby, Nala, Ava, and Grandmom (Sarah Robinson)

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04/98 – 11/25/99

My sweet little girl, so young and full of life. Enjoy your romp without the fears that troubled you here. I love you, Skye Dog.

— Kim and Art DaFoe

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Sir Silver Slinky
1992 – 04/13/98

Slinkerdo, my touchstone, the glue that kept my heart together. Your greatest love healed my soul like no other. Until we meet again… Love, Mom

— Tara Cohen

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03/15/01 – 11/24/12

You never asked for anything more than a kind word and a gentle touch. My sweet baby boy, I miss you so much.

— Your mom, Cathy Behrens

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07/04/92 – 08/24/01

An angel on Earth, now an angel in Heaven.
How it hurt to lose you, no one can know.
You are always in my heart.

— Love, Mommy (Catherine Wanko)

Smokey Cincotta
03/19/93 – 04/06/07

Goodbye Smokey — wait for us. Smile over us with your big heart. We love you so much!

— Cheryl L. Cincotta

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Smokey Manny Kleiner
04/18/92 – 09/18/14

Soul companion, best friend, held in loving and everlasting memory. Compassionate. Loving. Loyal. Courageous. Tenacious. Imaginative. Gentle. Kind. Patient. Steadfast. Perseverant. Accepting. Undaunted. Resilient. Enduring.

— Karl and Jeanie Kleiner

Smokey S
11/22/96 – 06/02/14

Smokey, I miss you. You are my heart and soul, and you will forever be mama’s baby. I love you, and some day we will be together again.

— Tina Schiavone

Smokey W.
1999 – 10/31/16

The sweetest companion anyone could have wished for. I miss your physical presence, but you live on in my heart. We will meet again soon, my dear friend.

— Lynn Wilson

11/23/98 – 02/04/11

Snapper, you will always be my companion and will forever be in my heart. I miss you. I love you.

— Your mom, Jenny Margulies

07/27/02 – 02/03/11

You gave me your unconditional love, supporting me throughout the most devastating period of life. Your wisdom and devotion became the envy of all who knew you. Precious memories will be cherished forever.

— My best friend, Teresa Fitzpatrick

06/06/97 – 12/10/05

You are in our hearts and memories forever. You were always Mommy’s pride, joy, and shadow, day and night. We love you and miss you, Snowball.

— Love, Mommy and Daddy (Mary and Richard Crowell)

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Snowball S
1997 – 07/23/12

To our sweet, cuddly Snowball. Thank you for blessing our lives and filling our hearts. Nathan and Gabi will forever miss you!

— The Spergel Family

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09/22/94 – 10/14/08

Thanks for the unconditional love you gave me. You were, and always will be, my best friend. We’ll meet again at the gate to heaven!

— Love always, your Mom (Beth Hetzer)

Socks Elizabeth Shuster
03/15/09 – 02/20/13

World’s Greatest Feline. We love and miss you everyday. You are always with us. We will be together again. Wish you were here, Puss. Love, kitty-catters and brush-ups,

— Kimmy, Aaron and Roary Socks (Kimberly Shuster)

03/03/96 – 02/16/06

Sonny, we love you, we miss you.

— Love always, Pam, Ron, and Tim (Pam Spear)

? – 12/00

You came to us from a life of neglect, and showed us the meaning of unconditional love and joyful happiness. We are thinking of you at the Bridge, with all the raisins in the world.

— Alexis and Jason

Sophie N
2002 – 09/02/12

Sophie Darling, I miss you so much, my baby doll, and know this pain will never be relieved. I have a tattoo of you over my heart, where you will always be.

— Mary Nilan

Sophie S.
10/98 – 11/14/16

Beloved best friend and life companion for nearly eighteen years. Together we faced so much. Miss you every day, little pal.

— David Suarez

Spangles Fierceboy
1994 – 12/22/09

Always devoted and opinionated, you trusted me absolutely. We needed no words to understand each other. My comfort now is that you and Kazootie are reunited for eternity.

— Beloved always, Briged Smith

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01/21/93 – 01/23/03

My first Pomeranian love girl!! I feel your gentle presence every day - protecting and guiding me from Heaven above. I carry you in my heart always.

— Love, your momma, (Carrie Zimmerman)

11/91 – 02/15/05

Sparky, I will never forget you, tiny little girlfriend. You’ll always be missed and loved dearly. See you in heaven - happy again - barking and being my little princess.

— Sophia Johnson

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Sparky K
? – 09/01/12

My precious boy, Nunny — till we meet again. We love you.

— Your Mom, Iris O’Rourke Kardynalski

Sparky Raniero
10/27/05 – 01/21/06

In one short month we shared so much. We miss your heartbeat…your puppy breath. We will love you forever. Share your memories with Buzie - our other angel.

— Love, Mommy, Daddy, and Tigger, too! (Terry and Joe Raniero)

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Sparky Sweet Pea
08/27/96 – 05/01/07

You lived a wonderful life, and always fought the good fight. Gone but never forgotten. We are thankful for our time together. Rest in peace little buddy.

— Tommy Pea

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1988 – 07/30/00

Sweet Spice, we miss you so. You are very special. Mom and Cinnamon love you with all our hearts. We will someday be together again!

— Mary Selep

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10/19/01 – 06/19/06

Dear Sprocket, you gave such joy to us in the short time you were with us. We miss you terribly, but will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge - belly rubs forever…

— Love always, Mommy and Daddy (Mark DiConsiglio and Nicole Tillotson)

1995 – 05/23/08

You were my King and always will be. See you at the bridge my little Spuddy Buddy.

— Love, Mom & Pop (Susan & Tim Chambers)

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04/01/88 – 03/05/05

You struggled so in life, yet brought so much love and beauty to our lives. Sophia, Magdalena R., Theodora, Magdalena A. and I miss you so.

— Aphrodite Matsakis

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Music: “The Dance of the Blessed Spirits” from the opera Orfeo, by Christoph Gluck.

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