The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement
In Memoriam Our Permanent Honor Roll of
Beloved Deceased Companion Animals

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08/87 – 08/08/02

Our big fuzzy puppy, you enriched our lives. We all miss your unconditional love, your understanding, the rides, the licks and the hose fights. We all still miss you.

— Love, Mommy, Daddy and Bucky (Gene and Flora Clyde)

07/11/91 – 02/15/07

My precious Scarlett, Daddy and I miss you so much. You mean everything to us! Our wise and wonderful Scarlie Cat, you are forever treasured.

— Love, Mommy and Daddy (Sheryl and Bob Ingber)

08/06/94 – 04/24/09

You had big paws to fill when Schatzie died. Gently, you snuggled into my heart and found your forever home. Soon we all will cross the Rainbow Bridge together, for eternity.

— Love, Dad (David Witham)

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10/13/81 – 02/10/96

Chasing balls in the sunshine and keeping my feet warm at night. Unconditional love knows no boundaries so I’ll keep the candle burning until we cross the Rainbow Bridge together.

— Love, Dad (David Witham)

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1987 – 01/28/00

My Baby, My Sweetheart, Love of My Life I am truly grateful for the 13 wonderful love filled years we had. Forever in our hearts.

— Mom, Nedra, Samantha, Chad and Sasha

04/95 – 08/23/11

From your acrobatic jumps, big green eyes, gentle nature and soft kitty kisses on my cheek; always and “furever” you will be in my heart.

— Love, Mommy. (Carmen Bezzard)

09/01/95 – 05/17/05

Our little soldier…our little king…our little bear…you fought a brave battle. Now go be a General in paradise. We so dearly love you.

— Cheryl Cincotta

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Sebastian H.
03/01/92 – 06/17/03

Houdini, sweet boy. Tender and cunning old soul in a young body. Your legacy is pure love. Your boy has your purple collar, the one he chose for you.

— Love, Glinda

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Sebastian Hamilton
01/17/97 – 11/09/09

Sebastian my love, we love and miss you more than you could know. You will have a special place in our hearts forever.

— Robin Hamilton

Sebastian Montana
03/89 – 09/03/04

My love, Mommy’s sorry she couldn’t heal you here. Gentle soul with children, kitties, bunnies and horses. Wait at Rainbow Bridge.

Thanks for everything,

— Carol Ann Montana

Semi Miss
05/20/75 – 04/09/09

Semi, you are still very much in my heart. Until we see each other again, be at peace and be free, my dear old friend.

— Your human, Alis

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11/98 – 11/07/08

You brought so much joy into my life, and I miss you so much. Now you and Sadie can play with the angels. Rest in peace sweet Serra.

— Gayla Stone and family, and John and Alta Vick.

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05/20/07 – 01/04/10

Retired lab rat Number 7, adopted July 2008. You quickly forgot your lab life and became such a lover.

You will always be remembered as one of the Wall Street Journal movie stars!

— Karen Borga

1981 – 1999

Reach Your hand out to her. One touch from you is all she’ll need. My little Shady Girl: Run, play, have fun, wait for me.

— Tim Burns

09/22/91 – 06/04/02

Dearest Shades, the lady-killer, half dog, half goat, all loving gentleman. You are missed. Thank you for the laughter and your wisdom.

— Your mom, Lynn Cromwell

04/09/92 – 11/25/03

I miss your kneading, pulling on everyone’s hair, and your gentle nature, sweet boy. You are in my thoughts always.

— With love, Sophia (Sophia Johnson)

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Shadow C
06/17/98 – 06/07/12

Dalovaire Shadow Catcher, my teacher and spirit guide. Thank you for a wonderful life together, full of adventures, joy and love. Run free my little one.

— Lynda Coote

Shana of Bernie’s Mountain
02/29/08 – 10/12/15

Shana, you are our Little Girl. Your life was too short, 7½ years old. We miss you, pray for you! See you over Rainbow Bridge.

— Roger W. and Bernadette A. Faulds

03/07/94 – 04/21/08

Our beloved Shane went too soon but he will always be in our hearts. We love and miss you every day, sweet little man!

— Andrea and Chuck Quinn

01/27/87 – 04/06/06

My darling girl! From sweetest puppy to Grande Dame. We all miss you so dearly. But you are still here, bringing sweet tears and memories. Thank you for so much.

— Your adoring dad and life companion. (Dr. Wallace Sife)

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11/13/97 – 07/10/12

We love you, Shelby. You will always be remembered for your quiet gentleness, your intelligent courage, the extraordinary events that you influenced, your immeasurable love, and your sweet, sweet smile.

— With love, Mom and Dad (Patty and Bob Hedges)

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1992 – 2001

You were taken so young; and while I have lost my best friend, heaven has gained an angel. I’ll see you at the Rainbow Bridge.

— Love, Mummy (Nancy Rohe) and Sylvester

04/15/92 – 07/09/04

Baby, you taught us to love unconditionally, to be strong always, and to enjoy life every day. We love you, Angel!

— Rich and Debbie Drinane and Buddy

01/05 – 04/30/06

A sweet little soul. Inquisitive. Constantly exploring. Your little nose poking into everything. We all miss you.

— Dad (Paul Götz)

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? – 04/24/02

Until I can blissfully hold you again, I will continue to love and miss you dearly. Peace and joy to you, my most precious little man.

— Mom (Kristi Jogis)

12/04/90 – 05/15/08

Beautiful boy, you blessed our lives for 17½ years, and life will never be the same without you. We love and miss you wherever we go and whatever we do.

— Mom and Dad (Homer and Carol Ann Cheyne)

07/12/93 – 04/07/05

My heart aches. I miss you so, my Shy girl. My elegant beauty, I will love you forever. Go run and play until we are together again.

— Love, Mamma, Daddy, Daisy, Joey and Daytona
(Carol and Wayne Jensen)

Music: “The Dance of the Blessed Spirits” from the opera Orfeo, by Christoph Gluck.

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