The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement
In Memoriam Our Permanent Honor Roll of
Beloved Deceased Companion Animals

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03/88 – 02/25/00

The void you leave in this life is a mixture of unbearable pain and tears of joy, as I remember you with unmeasured love.

— Elyn Zerfas

04/21/94 – 01/26/06

My baby, you brought out the best in me. You showed me I could love more deeply and gave me more love than I ever thought possible. Shalom, my love.

— Momma (Caryn Franklin)


Goodbye, sweet Raju-boy. We love and miss you. Thank you for sharing your life with us. You will always have that special place in our hearts.

— Miriam, Jim and Maxine

Rajah Fudge
07/20/02 – 06/16/11

Meet me at The Gates, my Angel, so I can finally see your wings! Mama loves you.

— Tina Andrulis

2001 – 05/30/06

My Ralphie, you made my world complete. You gave me an infinite amount of love and happiness. I love you so!

— Your Mommy, Bill, Tessa and Michael (Lauren Danchak)

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07/09/11 – 01/14/16

Thank you for being a loyal and faithful friend. You kept me focused when I needed you the most.

— Fred Gaieck

04/15/95 – 01/13/06

Dearest Rascal, you are dearly loved, and missed, and will be forever in our hearts. Thank you for your unconditional love for 11 years. Until we are togther again…forever loving you.

— Mommy & Daddy. (Nukhet and Bryan Hendricks)

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05/90 – 02/18/02

Orangelope, you were the best and kindest soul. Frolic and play because you love fun. We miss you deeply. See you on the flip-side, Raz.

— The Taylor Family

02/03 – 09/27/12

Of all His creatures great and small, God blessed us with the best of all. Just as we loved you from the very start, you’ll always live within our hearts.

— Vivian Rabovsky

05/10/96 – 09/12/05

You brought calm to the yard. Your soft little sounds while settled in my lap will be missed. Till I hear your quiet trill when I call your name again.

— Paul (Mr. Mom), Patti, Elspeth and Johanna Götz

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11/11/01 – 12/11/15

Reggie, we are so lucky that you graced our lives for 14 years. We love you so much!

— Kevin and Anne Beck

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06/10/93 – 12/11/08

You were the hope and joy of my life.  May your spirit be free and  healthy.   Please watch over me, and have a good time with Cassie.  I love  you.

— Celeste Morrow

05/14/93 – 11/18/06

You were always the top cat in the house. Unique and unpredictable. You will be missed, sweet Rico.

— Sophia Johnson

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2006 – 09/09/12

Ry Bear, thank you for coming into my life. The bond we shared and my love for you is immeasurable. I will always miss you and hold our memories in my heart.

— Love, Mom (Lisa Mendolia)

05/02/03 – 04/24/15

Rocky boy, my heart aches for you constantly. My psycho kitty, my naughty boy. My best buddy. Greatest “dog” ever. Gone, but never forgotten. Momma loves you, Baby Boy!

— Victoria Benson

1998 – 05/15/02

You touched our lives and hearts in a way we could not imagine. We think about and miss you everyday! We will see you again.

— Greg and Christina Simpkins

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Rocky A.
11/25/03 – 05/26/16

Poochie, you brought me so much love and happiness. My heart is broken. The house is empty without you. I will love you always. You are forever in my heart.

— Mama (Cathy Arenburg)

Rocky Balboa Crotty
08/31/97 — 10/07/12

The love of my life, my baby boy, my joy. Gentle, smart, loving, and true. Meet me at heaven’s gate and we will be together forever and ever.

— Love, Mommy (Donna Crotty) and your girl, Prissy, too.

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Rocky D.
06/29/06 – 09/03/17

Rocky is the toughest, bravest, sweetest and best friend I’ll ever know. He will be terribly missed until we are reunited.

— David

Rocky Götz
2003 – 05/02/05

You were one of my quiet ones, so content to lie near me. You will be missed every day. I will see you again as you scamper up to greet me.

— Paul Götz

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10/14/01 – 09/14/07

To my best friend Rodeo — thanks for  everything.  I’m sorry you had to leave early. Thank you for introducing me to cattle dogs and to rescue.

— Carrie  Bailey

1988 – 2001

You are in God’s hands now. I will miss and love you forever, my handsome boy. Please wait for me, my precious Labby.

— Debbie Brooks

? – 11/14/06

You’ll always be a part of me, and forever in my heart. I miss you buddy, and pray to God that one day we’ll be together again.

— Phil Leffelman

1995 – 05/10/13

Romeo, you made me forget I was sad and alone. You made my empty house feel like a home. I miss you every day. I will always love you.

— Debbie Jarab

05/15/01 – 06/21/12

Dearest Rommel, your kind and gentle ways touched all who met you. In your memory we will strive to make the world a more compassionate place. We dearly love and miss you.

— The Joe Dwyer Family

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12/13/95 – 11/29/13

Affectionate, loyal, devoted companion of 18 years, adopted from the SPCA. Adventurous, tree-climbing, squirrel-chasing, “sweet little devil” boy. Best ever kitty. I will always love you.

— Cathy Dempsey

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07/04/89 – 12/08/06

Our sweet, sweet girl. Thank you for seventeen wonderful years. You will always be in our heart and we will never stop loving you.

— Nicole and Susan Greene

1992 – 04/30/99

Always sweet, playful and brave, you loved life with an intense spirit. Your passionate light lives on in our hearts, forever.

— Sandi, Don and the Amazing Cats

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1987 – 2000

Sweet little Rosey, miracle girl of the family. Our 12 years together were not long enough. Forever, we’ll miss your smile and cuddles and gentle nature that everyone loved.

— Lisa Carmine

?/1998 – 12/25/07

The best dog ever.

— Laura Seitz

Rosie B.
1994 –€“ 10/10/14

You lived with me the last five years of your life. You blossomed from a scared girl into a loving and affectionate soul. I will miss and love you forever.

— Amy Borodach

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Ruby Lue
08/09/10 – 02/04/13

Ruby Lue, you were the best little rattie companion and ambassador anyone could ask for. You are mommy’s heart, and I’ll love you forever and always.

— V. Grace Bryant

10/95 – 11/12/04

Little Rudy man, we’ll never forget your love, kindness, wisdom — all that you are. Fly, fly, little one. Soon we will be together again. We are longing for that day.

— Love always, John, Connie, Jen and Nick Wiebe

Rudy B.
09/01/11 – 08/12/14

Rudy, my soulmate, you are forever in my heart, and everywhere I go. We will share head rubs, hugs and kisses again, eternally.

— Cindy Bens

Rudy Lynn
06/29/97 – 06/03/05

My Darling Rudy, I miss your presence every day. You were my baby, and are forever in my heart and mind. I know you are romping and singing with the angels.

— Joyce Lynn

1992 – 1998

Part of our family, a really good friend. A playmate, protector and buddy up till the end. You are always in our hearts.

Thanks for all the love.

— The Lane family

1992 – 03/17/00

Rufus, my little baby boy, you are at peace now.

— Kathie Thaw

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? – 09/19/06

Thank you for the warm private times of fun, laughter, paw-paws, twirls, lessons in life, and abundant unconditional love. We will meet again in heaven.

— Love you always, Scott, Jim, Gator, Tommy, Aunt-Tina, and Grandpa

05/16/88 – 09/29/00

You gave me unconditional love for 12 years. No one could ever take your place. You will always be in my heart. Love always, Daddy.

— Vincent Meloni

09/16/89 – 03/19/04

Your namesake discovered the nucleus of the atom. For you, every breath was a celebration of life. You were ferocious, outrageous, lovable, cuddly — a true Jack Russell Terrier.

— We love you always, Carol and Frank Auletta

Music: “The Dance of the Blessed Spirits” from the opera Orfeo, by Christoph Gluck.

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