The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement
In Memoriam Our Permanent Honor Roll of
Beloved Deceased Companion Animals

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02/12/02 – 03/17/04

My beloved Phantom, forever in my heart. You gave me unconditional love, since I found you and saved your life, at two months. I love you, my fur kid.

— Your daddy, Richard Crowell

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Phantom Cordes
07/14/98 – 09/23/10

Our big boy! Miss you sleeping on my pillow at night, and snuggling up for TV after dinner. We miss you so much, but are glad you and Phoenix are together, again.

— Love, your daddies, David & Brad, & your sister, Phoebe Jean

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Philly Willy
04/09/92 – 05/05/10

My angel, my sweet angel — so loving, so gallant, so strong. Life is not the same without you, my little girl. Be patient.

— Love, Mommy (Patsy Nagle)

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08/05/96 – 10/08/04

You touched our lives in immeasurable ways and will always be our baby girl. We will forever be saddened by your untimely loss, but your soul will live in our hearts forever.

— Chris and Kelly Carlson

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07/14/98 – 06/08/03

Phoenix, our little rascal, you left us too soon. Not a day goes by that we don’t miss you. Your memory will never fade, and we look to the day that we will see you again.

— Love from your daddies, David and Brad – and your brother Phantom.

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Phoenix Graham
1997 – 05/14/10

Phoenix, my FeeNee, my constant companion and loyal friend, my heart is missing its better half. You made me sweeter. Goodbye, by friend.

— MomPom (Dale Graham)

? – 02/21/05

Your bright eyes will be in our hearts forever. I imagine you running with your treats across the Bridge, blissful and rejuvenated once more. Our love goes with you.

— Christine and David (Fixico), and your brothers and sisters.

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09/20/91 – 08/15/08

My darling boy. I was with you at the moment of your birth, until the moment of your death. You always needed extra attention, but maybe I loved you even more for it.

— Your loving daddy (Dr. Wallace Sife)

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1999 – 12/06/01

Thank you for sharing your short time here with us. Sweetheart, my joy and laughter. May you live each day to its fullest in heaven as you did on earth. I love you, little Poos!

— Brooksley Brown

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06/26/91 – 06/04/07

How we love and miss you, dear Pippy. You brought the greatest joy we could ever have imagined. Rest gently, and we’ll see you over the rainbow.

— Virginia Dean

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05/12/06 – 04/29/07

Inquisitive, playful, my beauty, my companion. Your spirit made me whole. Thank you. Wait for me in the garden, Pita-Pie. I’ll be there.

— Mama (Paulina Grant)

flickering candle 
1997 – 10/17/09

We were a team from the beginning to the peaceful end. It was an incredible race that I had the honor to share with you. The memories continue, forever.

— Pam (Pamela Blesh)

PJ Cotto
10/06/00 – 04/28/13

In Memory of my little baby boy, PJ (the “Peeg”) and my best friend. Always and forever in my heart.

— Love, Mom (Olga Cotto)


Precious Pluto, my sweet Forever Dog. My life’s joy was being with you. You will always be a part of me, forever in my heart.

— Merrill Kaplan

06/21/93 – 10/27/06

You were everything to me, and I will always be grateful for the 13 years we had together. I know we will meet again in heaven! Peace to you my little buddy.

— All my love, Mary Jo (Mary Jo Santori)

05/93 – 11/12/11

Our baby girl Polly, your little spirit is everywhere we go. We miss and love you so! Thank you for 19 years of unconditional love and joy you brought to our lives.

— Mom & Dad (Nukhet & Bryan Hendricks)

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1992 – 09/16/97

We danced on earth so merrily,
We even rode the stars;
And though we’ve found our breath again,
You’re never all that far.

— Emily and James Stuparyk

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06/25/91 – 10/08/10

We love and miss you sweet, sweet boy. See you over the rainbow.

— Virginia Dean

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Poohbear Degoonacoon
10/18/89 – 08/05/05

My friend, my confidant, my inspiration — you are always with me. You changed my life and made the world a better place. I love you, Poohbear.

— Kat Tansey

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11/01/04 – 06/12/15

I love you with all of my heart. You will forever be my soul dog.

— Kyle Ann Stevenson, DVM

03/04 – 08/23/04

Dearest sweet little baby, thank you for bringing so much love and joy into our lives. We will love you forever, and will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge.

— Warmest memories, Jessica, Jane, Mike, Jason, Chad, Eric, Lisa, Pat, and Angel

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Precious Hollis
06/16/93 – 10/23/07

You were everything to me, and I always hurried home to be with you. Thank you for the years of joy, laughter and unconditional love. I love you,

- Mommy (Norma Hollis)

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Precious M
1992 – 09/15/07

My little sweetie, we love and miss you so very much. You will be in our hearts forever. It was so hard to let you go, but we know you are now at peace.

— Lois & Bill Mandikas

Prince Otto haz Tofuburger
07/10 – 09/11/14

You’ll always be my blue-eyed baby boy. Until we’re together again sparkle down on me, precious star, gone way too soon.

— Your loving humom, Paula Warner

2001 – 03/15/02

My precious little baby, I love you more each day. Our time together was much too short. Rest in peace, little angel.

— Mommy (Sarah Robinson)

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Princess K.
08/13/99 — 04/19/14

Thank you beloved Princess for choosing us. You enriched our lives with your sweet presence. We love you, we miss you. We’ll be together again.

— Irma, Elge, Toby, Prince

Princess Mason
03/17/88 – 04/29/03

Every day we feel your presence and love near us. You will always be in our hearts. You were truly a Princess. Until we meet again.

— Love, Mom, Dad and Tanisha Mason

Princess Yin
1991 – 2000

Darling Yinnie, your beauty, charm and graciousness are exceeded only by your wisdom, devotion and generous spirit. Thanks for the fun, the joy and lessons in love only an angel could teach. Until I hold you in my arms again.

— Forever, Mommy (Irene Tanner)

flickering candle 
1997(?) – 10/20/02

My dear baby, thank you for teaching me how to love and treasure your friendship and for the golden memories you left behind. I miss you more each day!

— Dana Costin

06/18/95 – 01/19/09

My dearest Priscilla — the love will last forever. Thank you for giving me 13½ beautiful years. You are eternally in my heart.

— Gretchen Kolsky

Priscilla Crotty
01/16/05 – 03/23/15

My little one, my pearl — my baby girl. Comforting, loving, smart, vigilant, true. Meet me with Rocky at heaven’s gate and we will be together, forever and ever.

— I love you, Mommy. (Donna Crotty)

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04/17/95 – 02/21/06

Mom’s Perky Princess, never a day goes by that I don’t think of you. I miss you and will always love you.

— Margaret Keezer

05/01/05 – 08/25/12

You were stunningly beautiful and very regal. You loved to romp outdoors and were a great companion on road trips. I will always miss you, Puffin, because we loved each other.

— Linda Christina

Pugsey (Little Old Man)
1997 – 06/02/12

Though you were with me a mere 6 months, I felt we shared an entire lifetime’s worth of love and affection. I miss you Pugsey!

— Kelley Wemark

08/97 – 05/03/09

My sweet, beautiful Pumpkin, I will miss you always and am grateful for the blessing of you.

— Marlene, Ozzie and Ellie

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05/10/98 – 03/07/15

You’re still my little sweetheart. I love you, Pupu.

— Dan (Kurz)

1993 – 1999

My forever dog; Six years was not enough time. My heart still aches to hold you again. I will always love you. Look for me.

— Tanya (Mom) Anderson

Sir Punkin Pie
1997 – 04/11/12

My Punkin, you touched my soul from the moment I met you to the very last, when you crossed to Rainbow’s Bridge in my arms.

— Kathie Thaw

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Puppy Styles
02/19/04 – 12/20/06

You are missed and will always be remembered for the constant love you gave to us all. I will miss you by my side every night.

— Bridget Styles

1996 – 03/07/02

My sweet Pupster, I miss your pure love and joy. Our love is forever, and some day we will be together — forever — and it will be Heaven!

— Alison Mercer

Music: “The Dance of the Blessed Spirits” from the opera Orfeo, by Christoph Gluck.

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