The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement
In Memoriam Our Permanent Honor Roll of
Beloved Deceased Companion Animals

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1985 – 03/15/00

Peabody, you were my best little buddy and my biggest protector. Thank you for showing me how to be courageous. I will love you always.

— Sally Williamson

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08/99 – 03/31/05

Peach, you are such a blessing, and you’ll live forever in our hearts. We miss you so. Till we meet again.

— Love, Mom and Dad (Hal and Peggy Decker)

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1974 – 09/09/86

Peaches, my best friend and companion. You were always there for me through good times and bad. You are in my heart forever.

— Mommy (Marion Lovell)

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flickering candle 
Peaches R.
02/14/99 – 11/15/15

Peaches, you are the very best little girl who ever came into our family. You changed our lives. We miss you so very much, but we will be together again.

— Pat and Mike Reilly

09/08/94 – 08/03/11

Peanut, this is to honor our life together; you were always with me while on earth, and remain in my heart forever

— Love, Mamma (Corri Rose Zid)

Peanut S.
06/12/02 – 06/28/17

Beloved Peanut, my Service Dog and a working, loving and amazing Therapy Dog has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He took my heart with him. He served all his life with love, dignity and joy. I love him and always will.

— Mom (Monica Swire), Dad and Indy

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07/02 – 06/15/06

Our wish for you, Miss Pebs, is that all your puppy dog dreams come true in Heaven. May your pawprints on our hearts guide you to us when we meet again.

— Love and cookies, Gail Savage and Carl Aufdenkampe

Pebbles B
03/15/01 – 09/21/13

I will miss you forever, my sweet girl. You gave me strength during such a hard time. I will love you forever.

— Cathy Behrens

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1996 – 06/03/06

I miss you so hard little buddy, there aren’t enough words in all the worlds to express it. But you know that, don't ya’ Stinkerdoodle.

— Clayton Nimtz

1987 – 07/27/01

Such a sweet gentle girl. I miss your soft paws on my cheek, and your 3:00 AM wake up meow. Go find Cody Bill and save us a spot. We miss you, baby girl.

— Rick, Ursula and Rodie

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Peggy M
10/30/05 – 07/18/12

Gracias Pegote. Te echo de menos. Ahora me toca vivir por las dos, con todo lo que me has enseñado. Te quiero siempre, mi vida.

— Gabriela Moreno

Peggy Sue
05/24/00 – 05/08/15

My darling little girl — my baby girl — my sweetness — my love. Forever in my heart; never far from my mind.

— Love, your “Sisser” (Pam Michel)

06/12/95 – 02/13/07

Penny Kenney, my special therapy dog, you couldn’t see, but embodied courage, giving your heart to hundreds of children and to us. You are always in mine.

— Love, Erica Kenney

1992 – 05/31/98

You were our special little girl and now we are left with only the wonderful memories. You will live in our hearts forever.

— Bette and Barry Arnold

06/91 – 07/09/05

Penn Penn, my sweetest baby girl. Thank you for all the love, play, companionship and comfort. Watch for me… I’ll be running! Kiss Tink for me. Never, ever goodbye…

— Mamma (Carolyn Rose)

Penny M
09/30/95 – 03/11/06

“Penners”, I got you to save our marriage; that failed, but what I didn't expect was how much you saved my life. I miss and love you and Panzer, both.

— Your loving father, Michael Mayber

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Penny Marvel
03/11/95 – 06/01/12

I miss you my precious Pye! I had 17 of the most wonderful years with you. One day we’ll be together again. Till then, I will miss you every day.

— All my love, Mommy (Lynda Marvel)

09/29/93 – 04/08/04

“The best boy” — we miss you.

— Shannon, Glenn, Elisabeth, and Steve.

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Pepe M
07/20/94 – 01/10/09

Sweetie, you were my angel on earth, and now in heaven. Thanks for the great memories. See you at the Rainbow Bridge.

— Your loving Daddy, Eddie Martinez

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12/93 – 05/11/04

Pepper, you brought such joy to my life and taught me how to really love. I’ll never forget you!!!

— Love, Mare (Mary Ann Havrilak)

Pepper Hammock
10/05/92 – 08/17/07

Pepper, you were the sweetest, gentlest little schnauzer, with the patience of Job. And, those beautiful brown eyes!

— Forever in our hearts, Mama and Papa (Deborah and Leslie Hammock)

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Pepper Litzinger
03/01 – 10/20/06

My Pepper Pie, you brought out my playfulness and led me to experience deep love and spiritual moments. As my first “child”, you’ll never be forgotten.

— Love, Mom (Karen Litzinger)

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05/13/93 – 01/16/10

Peppy, our best boy. How you loved to swim and chase balls! We will hold you in our hearts forever, most loyal and beloved friend.

— Katie and Phil Cubeta

Perrita “Perrie” Pinner
05/21/98 – 06/07/14

Precious “Perrie Pumpkin”… little shadow, smiley baby girl. Our time together was pure joy. You live in my soul until I join you in God’s presence, forever!

— Love, Mom (Rev. Shellie K. Pinner)

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Perseus, noble hero and gentle warrior. I will kiss you in my dreams until I can again hold you in my arms.

— Victoria Brown Barquero

1970 – 04/18/85

You were the first to go, but not the last. You taught us that the greatest memorial we could give you is to carry on the love. We love you, sweet Bonzo.

— Rick and Ursula

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07/28/91 – 06/29/06

Sweet little Petey bird. My precious bit of sunshine. Mommy misses you, and loves you so much. Hugs and kisses to you, my little angel baby.

— Love, Mommy and your special kitty, Tyler. (Sarah Robinson)

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Petey Pearson
1992 – 07/10/09

Oh, Petey, how I miss you! My best friend. I am so grateful you were in my life, and you’ll be in my heart forever. I love you, “leetle”.

— Maggie Pearson

Music: “The Dance of the Blessed Spirits” from the opera Orfeo, by Christoph Gluck.

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