The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement
In Memoriam Our Permanent Honor Roll of
Beloved Deceased Companion Animals

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04/11/08 – 08/04/13

Bright brown eyes, cute curled, white-tipped tail, pink-tongued kisses, and delicious mocha-colored coat. You were joyful excitement at my return. I miss you, Mocha, my dearest friend.

– Victoria Bowman

01/03 – 07/27/05

My shy little Stooge with the sweetest face. Your presence forever perched on the chair above my shoulder awaiting chin tickles. Keep Curly company and await Larry.

— Paul Götz

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01/93 – 11/30/06

You fought such a brave battle my “doghter”. Mommy will always love you just as everyone who met you loved you. Thank you for choosing me.

— Kathy Yurkunas

Molly Freed
10/04/91 – 02/16/07

My sweet little princess. 15 years was too short, but your love lives on in our hearts. We’ll be together again someday.

— Love, Mommy, Grandma, and Felix (Carol Freed)

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Molly J
? – 04/05/08

You brought joy and love to our lives during the short three-and-a-half years you were with us. As long as we live you will live in our hearts and memories.

— Pat Junko

Molly Jean
1984 – 05/05/01

Moo-Moo, you are the best friend we will ever have. Mommy and Daddy love you, Ladybug. You will always be in our hearts. Hrrrumph.

— Cindy and Mike Kessler

Molly K
01/18/98 – 09/22/10

We love and miss you Molly. Thanks for all the love and joy you gave us. We’ll see you in heaven.

— Mamma, Daddy, Karen, Krista and Katie

Molly M
09/19/96 – 06/30/08

Baby girl, you are the light of my life, and I will always be with you. I’m looking forward to eternity with you.

— Your loving Daddy, Eddie Martinez

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Mona Lisa
05/28/01 – 06/04/11

My sweet Mona, my best girlfriend and companion. I weep for you.
Run and play, sweet girl, until we are together again. I love you forever.

— Mama (Camilla Delsid)

2011 – 07/23/14

If love could have saved her, she would have lived alongside us forever; now, she will live forever in our hearts.

— From all who were touched by sweet, precious Monroe.

1987 – 02/14/98

Monster Belly, our clown with a heart of gold. Petting your belly and hearing your special “puh-puh” was our joy. Until we meet again… Love, Mom

— Tara Cohen

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12/03/1998 – 06/11/12

Monty, my angel of endless kisses. Wait for mommy in Heaven. I promise - no more tears in Heaven.

— Barb Polakoff

Monty Zoomer
05/29/98 – 08/31/10

My sweet Zoo Kazoo. My doodeliscious boy. Happiest draped across my shoulders or curled in my lap. There will never be a sweeter, more loving boy.

— Bonnie Feldman

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flickering candle 
10/03/01 – 12/25/11

My baby boy Moose, these precious words can only say, “You loved me well and are ever loved by me”. I know we will join again. You will always be missed, and in our hearts.

— Mama, (Nicole Kaesler) Daddy (Dan), and Ari

110/6/87 – 10/31/06

You were my world and you changed my life. You were the reason, and always will be. You were the music, and we danced. Remember, and wait for me.

— Your lost and lonely mom, Martine Monaghan

03/01/92 – 12/31/07

Lioness. Queen of our Pride. You taught me that some Love is not always smooth at its edges, and that when fear is a choice, I can choose differently.

— Love, Glinda

flickering candle 
Mr. Harm
12/08/06 – 10/25/15

My sweet boy, you brought me immeasurable love and joy. Your wagging tail and loving spirit live in my thoughts and my heart. Hugs and kisses forever.

— Johanna Flores

1989 – 07/28/03

Muffin, we feel your presence. You will always be in our hearts and thoughts. Take care, our little Muffin. Love always,

— Mom (Louise Ravert) and Dad (Harry)

08/18/90 – 07/28/07

We miss you and love you very much, and you will forever be in our hearts and memories. I will always look for you where you played with Misty and everyone.

— Sue Plante and family

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1996 – 06/26/04

Muggy, We miss your kindness and gentleness. Your friend Glenn misses his constant companion.

— Glenn, Shannon, Elisabeth and Steve

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03/21/89 – 01/08/05

Best friend and soulmate. You are missed. Thank you God for providing me with a companion when I needed him most. See you at the bridge, Murf…

— Cheri Urda-Wissel

03/22/92 – 01/24/09

We rescued you, and you rescued us. You were our first dog, and somehow we got the greatest one ever — lucky us.

— Love forever, Gerry and Linda Daley

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12/00 – 03/15/13

I miss you my darling. I miss holding you tight and cuddling you, kissing you, and gazing at your beautiful face. Wait for me sweetheart; we will be together again.

— Love, Mommy (Heather Peskin)

Music: “The Dance of the Blessed Spirits” from the opera Orfeo, by Christoph Gluck.

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