The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement
In Memoriam Our Permanent Honor Roll of
Beloved Deceased Companion Animals

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2/24/06 – 12/30/16

In memorium and gratitude for the many blessings that you brought into our lives.

— Richard Best

12/21/98 – 05/01/06

Snickerdoodles, you were taken from us unexpectedly and way too soon. We miss you dearly and will always love you.

— Love, Mom, Dad, Carolyn and Meg (Kelly Carlson)

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07/07/03 – 12/22/14

They said you would not live a long life. We proved them wrong. I miss your sweet face, my girl. Take care of the others. Till we meet again.

— Your human mom, Cindy Boisfeuillet

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Madge Pie
04/25/92 – 08/07/06

What other tat was afraid of cheese, attacked bubbles from her Peeps fort, and thought my armpit was her mother? Until the next lifetime, princessa. NMRK.

— Love always, Val etc.

05/12/06 – 03/12/07

My pumpkin, you honored my life. Your sunshine brought me great joy. I will someday look for you and Missey at the bridge, both happy and healthy. I miss you!

— Your human mom, Cindy

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10/83 – 06/08/01

Maggie, my love, named from Cat on A Hot Tin Roof, you were elegant, vivacious, and infinitely patient. You taught me unconditional love. Miss you always.

— Leslie Stager-Jacques

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Maggie B.
01/19/03 – 01/31/13

Darling girl, we loved you so fiercely. You brought us much joy. You live on in our hearts.

— Alana and Your Darling (Alana Birchall)

Maggie Mae
12/17/88 – 05/07/02

Mags, my precious fur baby, you made me a better person and taught me what’s really important in life. You’ll be in my heart always…

— Your beloved friend, Maureen

Maggie P.
2010 – 04/28/15

My sweet little angel, the best cat I could have asked for. You were the most wonderful companion for your brother, too. Kirby and I miss you with all our hearts.

— Love, Cherri Pinckard

Maggie W
2003 – 10/01/12

You were my best friend, and I love you so much! Wait for me in heaven. Daddy misses you, too.

— Love forever, Mom and Dad (Scarlet and Jed Watson)

2001 – 04/08/03

My Magic, you were with us for so short a time. The love you gave was “magic.” You will be so missed, my little rugrat in fur. I will hold your memories forever, my love.

— Kathleen Sievert

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01/05/94 – 11/14/06

No heart is more grateful for the love and devotion you gave. Never has a dog been loved so much. And never has a friend been missed so much.

— Mommy (Barbara Mayers), Daddy and Angel

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1987 – 2001

My little Kala girl…you brought us so much joy and love. Thank you for sharing your special gifts. We will love you forever.

— Karen and Fred Forte

Mamma Kitty
? – 04/21/90

Mamma Kitty, you opened our hearts to the wonderful kitty world. For that, we thank you and forever love you. You are with Hugger now, never to be parted again.

— With love, your Mom and Dad (Rick and Ursula Brower)

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01/90 – 10/12/05

My precious brown eyed beauty, the love of my life. You will live in my heart forever. Thank you for all the sweet memories. Be happy my little one and wait for me.

— Mamma (Mirja Bishop)

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08/14/95 – 01/19/09

Marilyn — our wonderful greyhound. You brought us more joy than you can imagine. You’ll be with us always.

— Love, Chris & Doc

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07/25/95 – 06/12/08

My little Mario. You were the joy of my life. I love you more than anything, my puppy, and I will forever. Your daddy misses you so bad, baby.

— Daddy (Dominick Auci)

Mario P
05/99 – 05/05/13

My loving dog Mario, how I miss you!! Thank you for all you taught me about love and life. You are in my heart, forever. Always remember I love you!

— Dina Marie Pratt

12/12/97 – 05/17/07

Marlee, my dear, sweet, service dog girl. You helped me and gave me so much love and joy. I will love you always and forever!!!

— Mom (Mary Pat Mills)

1991 – 09/24/94

Though our lives crossed for a few brief months, your strength, courage, and love are everlasting. You are my guiding light, my inspiration.

— Denise Stafford

11/03/02 – 06/23/06

Mason, our sweet, beautiful boy; you were our faithful protector in life, and now you are our guardian angel until we are together once again. We will always be together in spirit.

— Love, your family. (Lethia and Ed Morgan)

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Spring, 1990 – 04/15/04

To remain in the hearts of those left behind means never to die. You’ll live forever.

— Veronica and Marcello

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? – 01/06/05

Mattie Girl, you have nothing to fear now. I will never forget you, your love, the warmth of your body, and your morning kisses. My love for you is endless.

— Your rescue mom, Carol (Carol Austin)

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Mattie M.
09/03/99 – 12/28/14

Oh, Mattie girl. There aren’t enough words to tell how you blessed us, and how much we love and miss you. Thank you for 15 years. Until we meet again.

— Love, Mom (Lethia Morgan), and Dad, the pups and Thomas

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01/99 – 09/25/14

Mau, you were a beautiful lady in all ways. I was blessed to have you in my life. Please wait for Stanley and me as we cross Rainbow Bridge.

— Cheryl Latka

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1982 – 03/01/02

Your independent spirit, love of life and unfailing trust in your human family was a wonder to behold. We love you, and you will always be with us.

— Sandi, Don and the Amazing Cats

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2009 – 03/21/15

Maverick, my shadow, never far from me. You left me way too soon. We should have had many more years together. Always in my thoughts, until we meet again. You are dearly missed.

— Dawn Lewis

1990 – 02/14/03

Our boy Maxy, our inspiration, our heart love. Your spirit is everywhere we go. We will be together again in eternity. We miss you so much.

— Rudy and Julie Barraza

Max Freed
08/20/94 – 05/11/06

You filled our lives with so much love, laughter and joy. Words can’t express how much we miss you.

— Love, Mommy, Grandma, Molly and Felix (Carol Freed)

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Max Lazich
01/18/06 – 06/15/15

My beloved and beautiful Max, my sanctuary, lifeline, comfort and joy! My most precious gift. I have loved no deeper and treasured no more sacredly. I love you forever.

— Mom (Julia Lazich)

Max Levin
12/19/91 – 12/18/03

Beloved Max, who taught me to live and love in the present. I love you and miss you so very much. Forever in my memory.

— Mommy (Sheila Levin)

03/08/97 – 08/07/06

Moomoo, your life was such a precious gift to us. You enriched our lives every day. You were our baby, our joy, our love. We miss you!

— Love, Mommy and Daddy (Art and Theresa Moreno)

05/24/95 – 09/01/10

When I first held you I smiled for 15 years, when you died in my arms I cried forever. You were worth it.

— Lost without you, Dad (Al Harris)

4/007/00 – 10/19/02

Maya, your angelic presence and the purity of your love have forever restored my faith. Your ability to savor the moment has taught me to live. Thank you.

— Your adoring Mom, Lee McAvoy

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02/15/96 – 10/11/07

The amazing tilt of your head, the love in your eyes, the wag of your tail, and the prance in your step — your love will stay in our hearts forever.

— Love, Mom and Dad (Bob and Kristi McHugh)

1988 – 09/22/00

Merlin was my golden lion, proud and loyal. He had a booming purr and sang me to sleep every night. Thanks, regal friend. Love always.

— Christine Jette

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1993 – 04/28/94

Merbaby, you gave so much in such a short time. Out last time in the sun is etched upon my heart. Until we meet again… Love, Mom

— Tara Cohen

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Music: “The Dance of the Blessed Spirits” from the opera Orfeo, by Christoph Gluck.

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