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Beloved Deceased Companion Animals

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flickering candle 
08/24/93 – 07/15/04

Our beautiful little white angel. In your eyes we were complete. In our eyes you were perfect. We will always miss you.

— Ren and Mark (Ren Matney)

1994 – 11/25/98

You joined our family when you were eight years old. You made us laugh every day for almost five years with your wild hair and crazy antics. We miss you and love you and hold you close in our hearts.

— Dr. Robyn Zeiger and Dori Anne Steele

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08/01/86 – 02/27/07

Our feline angel has passed over the Rainbow Bridge. Lola was home to my soul. Now my soul is homeless. Rest in peace, my little angel.

— Love forever, Rosemary Musachio

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05/05/06 – 07/05/06

Your time with me was so short, but you wheedled your way deeply into my heart. That little nose tickling my ear is sorely missed.

— Dad (Paul Götz)

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12/10/97 – 12/18/07

Louis, your short ten years were the happiest of my life. As I promised you, we will be together forever. God bless and keep you.

— Bill Parker

10/05/92 – 08/17/07

Lovie, you were the smartest, quickest, most aristocratic little schnauzer ever. There will never be another like you.

— Forever in our hearts, Mama and Papa (Deborah and Leslie Hammock)

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1995 – 04/13/06

In my heart I will always love you. In my soul you live forever.

— Marissa Panigrosso

Lucifer “Big Guy”
02/87 – 03/04/04

You came to our door and we invited you in.
You won our hearts and warmed our laps.
We will see you again at the bridge.

— Paul, Patti, Elspeth and Johanna (Paul Götz)

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12/28/96 – 11/22/08

We will always remember your playfulness, loyalty, sense of humor, and affection. We miss your smiling face, kisses. hugs, and shaking your paw. You live in our thoughts.

— Love forever, Richard and Nora Dyck

Lucky Little
2000 – 10/25/11

You are free from all pain, and you are forever in my heart. I will see you over the rainbow, my precious girl.

— Love, Mommy (Diane Moriarty)

Lucky Lucy
03/01/89 – 06/09/09

For 20 years, “I loved Lucy and she loved me. We were as happy as we could be.” I will ALWAYS miss your ways.

— Sally Swann

1990 – 04/02/99

Lucy was my little girl, a clown so aptly named. She was my shadow, my companion, my purr-monster. She will be forever missed.

— Denise Stafford

Lucy B
01/01/96 – 03/28/08

The tears still flow when we think of your passing, but we can smile knowing you are running and chasing your frisbee without pain. Always in our hearts, dear Lucy.

— Kim and Joe Baumgartner

Lucy J.
1993 – 07/05/10

I was blessed with you in my life for so long. You were my joy, my laughter, my heart, and you touched my soul. Never goodbye, just till we meet again.

— Karen Jaques

02/22/91 – 08/15/05

Our beautiful blue-eyed boy. You were the center of our lives. We will never stop loving or missing you.

— All our love, Mom and Dad (Carol Giffin)

Luke Rouse
05/03/93 – 09/26/06

Luke, my boy. You will always be my Sunshine Boy. I miss you so much. I can’t wait for our heavenly reunion.

— I love you, your Mommer, Poppy, Mandy, Boss, Hana and your Kitties. (Kristine Rouse)

03/94 – 10/31/11

It is our quiet time. We do not speak because the voices are within us. You rest with all of nature. I love you always.

— Leslie Stager

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Music: “The Dance of the Blessed Spirits” from the opera Orfeo, by Christoph Gluck.

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