The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement
In Memoriam Our Permanent Honor Roll of
Beloved Deceased Companion Animals

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You were our “replacement” puppy who became our Very Special Lady. We miss your sweet and loving presence. Rest in peace our “Moosie Girl”.

— Mom, Nedra, Samantha, Chad, Scooter, Sasha and Stinkers

Lady K
05/99 – 05/02/06

My beloved, lovable, beautiful playful companion and daughter. Thank God we were allowed to share our love for each other for eight years.

— Nancy Nitzberg

Lady L
06/04/99 – 12/23/09

Lady, we miss you dearly, but we know you are pain free and are playing with all the squirrels, chippies, and rabbits. We miss your kisses.

— Mom, Aaron, Dad, Ross, Tyler, and Shannon (Lori Lyon)

08/08/09 – 05/04/12

My precious boy, we were together for such a short time. I will cherish every second forever, and will see you later at the Bridge.

– Your loving daddy, Eddie (Eddie Martinez)

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06/01/01 – 06/13/11

So long little guy. Your wonderful personality brought me such great joy that I hoped it would never end. Thanks for being you.

— John Jones

01/03 – 11/21/05

My Gentle Giant

I miss you curled up by my side, on my chest napping or licking my hand. The Stooges are together again. Watch over Moe and Curly till I see you again.

— Dad (Paul Götz)

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Larry Foulkes
03/17/82 – 10/26/99

Lawrence Booboobear (your Sunday name) my 17-year-old Irish Wolfhound harrier, your passing changed my life so much that I became a spiritual medium.

— Dr. Deborah Richmond Foulkes

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08/99 – 09/08/14

Lassie, you came home…to me. I love you honey, always.

— Leslie Stager

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1994 – 08/04/02

You were such a sweet, kind, loving, gentle and intelligent cat. It has not been the same, without you. I look forward to seeing you at the Rainbow Bridge.

— Love, Mommy (Ami Seals)

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05/94 – 09/28/09

You were so sweet, good and beautiful. You gave me love and companionship. I am blessed to have had you in my life. I look forward to seeing you, again.

— Love, Mommy (Ami Seals)

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? – 12/08/13

My precious girl. My love, my heart, my everything. My joy left when you did. I miss you and your love. I love you, Leeloo!

— catladykaren (Karen Hickey)

04/07/03 – 03/21/13

Leo, you were a living blessing to us. We will always miss you and hold your joyful, loving, light-filled presence in our hearts.

— Cathy Fischer

12/01 – 09/02/04

“Little Guy”

You were my buddy, my little confidant. I miss your little face popping up to greet me in the morning. Sharing treats. Grinding your teeth contentedly. You’re with me always.

— Paul Götz

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02/27/05 – 02/16/14

My darling girl, I was so blessed to have you in my life. You are now with Ari. You will always be my shining star. I love you.

— Mom, Elaine Petrulakis

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07/08/98 – 08/17/10

Leya, my best friend and soulmate, with you I was strong. I am forever grateful for your love and our journey together. I will love you forever, my sweet, precious girl.

— Diana Cats

05/05/70 – 08/15/88

Licorice, my precious one, how much fun we had, together! You were a real character. Missing you has never stopped. Be patient.

— Love you, Mommy (Patsy Nagle)

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Li’l Freddy
2000 – 08/03/05

Our beloved Li’l Freddy, so missed, and forever in our hearts. A life short on time, but long on love. We will always remember your gentle, shy, and graceful ways.

— Love, Anne Goldberg

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07/05/92 – 06/30/06

I loved you so, precious. You were a sweet girl who was the light of my life. I miss you so. Rest in peace, love.

— Virginia Dean

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12/12/85 – 05/12/98

We love you, Lindsey. You will always be remembered for your intelligent strength, your quiet attentiveness, your gently tipped ear, and your constantly crossed paws.

— With love, Mom and Dad (Patty and Bob Hedges)

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Little Bear
2000 – 05/14/15

Little Bear, you were my forever best friend. But more than that, you were the love of my life. You followed my truck one day, and changed my life forever.

— Love always, Michelle

flickering candle 
Little Boy
2000 – 11/15/12

On behalf of my departed friend Norma, who adored you, rest in peace sweet little bundle of fur.

— Danielle Dieppois

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Little Dude
2003 – 02/11/12

We all will miss you. You taught us unconditional love, and we will meet again.

— Love, Dad (Tim) and Mom (Julie)

Little Fella
10/94 – 12/31/97

Little vagabond, our time together was short, but our love for you is eternal. We will be together again some day. We will always love you.

— Mike, Jessica, Jason, Jane, Lisa, Chad, and Eric

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Music: “The Dance of the Blessed Spirits” from the opera Orfeo, by Christoph Gluck.

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