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Beloved Deceased Companion Animals

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04/29/94 – 07/26/10

Our adoring boy “Boodge” ~

We cherish your gifts of unconditional love and incredible joy. Our love for you is unmeasured. You live deep within us and we will eternally hold you in our hearts.

— Love, Mom and Dad (Marisa and Joe Katnić)

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Katie Scarlett Means
08/21/02 – 09/17/09

Our loving spirit. Gone too soon. You were our daughter, angel, teacher and friend. We’ll love you always.

— Love, Mom and Dad (Keith and Sandi Means)

Kazootie Braveheart
1994 – 12/17/05

It is impossible to express how I miss your eager face looking up at me, your inquisitive and helpful nature, your trust in me. Spangles misses his lifelong friend.

— Beloved forever, Briged Smith

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Keisha Lee Grogan
1990 – 05/06/06

My pretty little girl. Eyes filled with hope, trust, loyalty, unconditional love — reflected back in mine for you. Thank you for all that you’ve been to me. In our hearts you live forever.

— Love you. BethAnn Grogan

09/01/07 – 12/26/16

Darling, sweet, loving Kensington. You are greatly missed, especially by your best friend Cornwall. We love you and pray you are with Isabella, Nellie and Pablo at Rainbow Bridge.

— Bud and Micky Golden Moore

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05/05/95 – 01/09/06

Kenya, I miss you more than I could have imagined. Thank you for the years of love and friendship. You are irreplaceable. We love you.

— Mom, Dad, Jessica, Josh and Jordan (Peggy Leven)

01/30/92 – 06/20/04

Kiki, you are the one I could always count on for unconditional love. You were always happy to see me, and you will always be my baby girl.

— My love, always. Brenna Allen

Kiki H
06/??/98 – 12/06/16

Dearest Kiki, you continue to live on in our hearts! You are so loved and deeply missed.

— Until we meet again, Dad & Mom (Bryan and Nukhet Hendricks)

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10/31/99 – 06/03/14

The big white dog who was bounced around from place to place. You bounced into my heart and home and stayed to the end. Their loss; but mine forever.

— Carol Austin

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1987 – 1999

You were so much more than a pet; you were a friend, a protector, a companion and a beloved family member. We’ll always love you.

— Tom and Liz Benford

09/19/94 – 05/08/07

Our beloved Killarney. Much loved family pet and registered AAA/AAT therapy dog. You were always helping others. Joyfully remembered; sadly missed; forever loved.

— Christine and Doc McNiff

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11/22/82 – 03/23/96

Dear King, your loyalty, protection, and love, made you the best dog of our lives. You’ll live forever in our hearts until we meet again. We’ll always love you.

— Forever loved by the Shelly family, Bob, Annette, Mark, Justin

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09/20/93 – 09/13/06

Kiriki, Precious “Bright Eyes”, soul friend and gift from God. You lived well, loved fully and gave your all. In my heart forever!

— Love, “Mom” (Rev. Shellie K. Pinner)

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1990 – 07/30/04

My baby doll, my kitty from heaven. “I wish you were here touching my head, rubbing your soft nose against my face. Let me hug you one more time… forever.”

— Mamma (Debra J. Chandler)

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1982 – 09/16/92

My precious little calico girl, your soft meow and gentle ways will always be with me. I miss your purring and kneading bread.

— Kathie Thaw

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Kitty de Chelly
? – 07/06/98
Kitty de Chelly

Your incredible spirit filled our hearts with love. Walk in beauty, dearest Kitty de Chelly. I love you so much. We will always be together.

— Evelyn Martin

Kitty Gabay
1978 – 06/14/99

You were my best friend, my protection. You taught me to love, to forgive, to be strong, and to believe. Thanks for sending me Frazier.

— Paula Gabay

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Kitty Goldberg
1978 – 08/30/96

In loving memory of Kitty, our sweet, cherished friend. You live on in our hearts, but we miss you so much.

— Love, Anne Goldberg

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Kitty M
05/87 – 08/05/07

You made me glad when I was sad, saved my life twice, and filled it with delight. I love you with all my heart.

— Aphrodite Matsakis

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Kitty Noel
11/24/16 – 02/16/18

You were the light of my life and filled my heart with undying love. To the little birdy who never left my side … I will cherish you forever!

— With the deepest love, your mom, Raven


You meant more to me than anyone ever has. Sweet, gentle, considerate… You’ve won my heart, forever. My darling spiritual sister, God bless your journey.

— Ambuja Rosen

10/03/98 – 04/01/11

My precious angel, you brought so much joy into my life, and you kept Poppa company when he was sick. I will always love you, my beautiful girl.

– Mamma (Francesca Beahan)

1988 – 03/10/01

Mummy’s Little Girl. I miss you soooo much, my Darling, and will love you forever. Till we meet again.

— Mummy (Deb Bowden), Kerry, Alana and Graeme

Kobe Joseph
? – 07/14/06

Kobe, you were supposed to be with me forever. I love you.

— Mommy (Judith Nissula)

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Kobi Pinner, CGC
01/01/00 – 02/26/11

My companion, ministry partner and therapy dog. Kobi, you are my gentle spirit and loving heart whom I will love until we meet again in the presence of our Creator God.

— Love Forever, “Mom” (Rev. Shellie K. Pinner)

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07/03/02 – 01/11/07

My sweet baby, I miss you more than you will ever know. Thank you for touching my life and giving me such wonderful memories. I will love you always.

— Karen McAllen

Kourtney Belle
1987 – 2000

Our Precious little “Q-Ball”. The pain of losing you is overwhelming. We love and miss you so much. ’Til we meet again.

— Love, Mommy and Daddy (Hanby)

11/05/93 – 04/18/05

My sweet boy. Thank you for your life. You will walk beside me in my dreams.

— Letitia Gray

07/04/00 – 3/20/17

You were the biggest blessing in our lives. You taught us what is truly important in life. We miss you greatly. See you at the Rainbow Bridge. XOXO

— Susan K. and Bart D.

Music: “The Dance of the Blessed Spirits” from the opera Orfeo, by Christoph Gluck.

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