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Beloved Deceased Companion Animals

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04/29/94 – 07/26/10

Our adoring boy “Boodge” ~

We cherish your gifts of unconditional love and incredible joy. Our love for you is unmeasured. You live deep within us and we will eternally hold you in our hearts.

— Love, Mom and Dad (Marisa and Joe Katnić)

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Katie Scarlett Means
08/21/02 – 09/17/09

Our loving spirit. Gone too soon. You were our daughter, angel, teacher and friend. We’ll love you always.

— Love, Mom and Dad (Keith and Sandi Means)

Kazootie Braveheart
1994 – 12/17/05

It is impossible to express how I miss your eager face looking up at me, your inquisitive and helpful nature, your trust in me. Spangles misses his lifelong friend.

— Beloved forever, Briged Smith

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Keisha Lee Grogan
1990 – 05/06/06

My pretty little girl. Eyes filled with hope, trust, loyalty, unconditional love — reflected back in mine for you. Thank you for all that you’ve been to me. In our hearts you live forever.

— Love you. BethAnn Grogan

09/01/07 – 12/26/16

Darling, sweet, loving Kensington. You are greatly missed, especially by your best friend Cornwall. We love you and pray you are with Isabella, Nellie and Pablo at Rainbow Bridge.

— Bud and Micky Golden Moore

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05/05/95 – 01/09/06

Kenya, I miss you more than I could have imagined. Thank you for the years of love and friendship. You are irreplaceable. We love you.

— Mom, Dad, Jessica, Josh and Jordan (Peggy Leven)

01/30/92 – 06/20/04

Kiki, you are the one I could always count on for unconditional love. You were always happy to see me, and you will always be my baby girl.

— My love, always. Brenna Allen

Kiki H
06/??/98 – 12/06/16

Dearest Kiki, you continue to live on in our hearts! You are so loved and deeply missed.

— Until we meet again, Dad & Mom (Bryan and Nukhet Hendricks)

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10/31/99 – 06/03/14

The big white dog who was bounced around from place to place. You bounced into my heart and home and stayed to the end. Their loss; but mine forever.

— Carol Austin

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1987 – 1999

You were so much more than a pet; you were a friend, a protector, a companion and a beloved family member. We’ll always love you.

— Tom and Liz Benford

09/19/94 – 05/08/07

Our beloved Killarney. Much loved family pet and registered AAA/AAT therapy dog. You were always helping others. Joyfully remembered; sadly missed; forever loved.

— Christine and Doc McNiff

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11/22/82 – 03/23/96

Dear King, your loyalty, protection, and love, made you the best dog of our lives. You’ll live forever in our hearts until we meet again. We’ll always love you.

— Forever loved by the Shelly family, Bob, Annette, Mark, Justin

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09/20/93 – 09/13/06

Kiriki, Precious “Bright Eyes”, soul friend and gift from God. You lived well, loved fully and gave your all. In my heart forever!

— Love, “Mom” (Rev. Shellie K. Pinner)

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1990 – 07/30/04

My baby doll, my kitty from heaven. “I wish you were here touching my head, rubbing your soft nose against my face. Let me hug you one more time… forever.”

— Mamma (Debra J. Chandler)

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1982 – 09/16/92

My precious little calico girl, your soft meow and gentle ways will always be with me. I miss your purring and kneading bread.

— Kathie Thaw

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Kitty de Chelly
? – 07/06/98
Kitty de Chelly

Your incredible spirit filled our hearts with love. Walk in beauty, dearest Kitty de Chelly. I love you so much. We will always be together.

— Evelyn Martin

Kitty Gabay
1978 – 06/14/99

You were my best friend, my protection. You taught me to love, to forgive, to be strong, and to believe. Thanks for sending me Frazier.

— Paula Gabay

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Kitty Goldberg
1978 – 08/30/96

In loving memory of Kitty, our sweet, cherished friend. You live on in our hearts, but we miss you so much.

— Love, Anne Goldberg

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Kitty M
05/87 – 08/05/07

You made me glad when I was sad, saved my life twice, and filled it with delight. I love you with all my heart.

— Aphrodite Matsakis

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You meant more to me than anyone ever has. Sweet, gentle, considerate… You’ve won my heart, forever. My darling spiritual sister, God bless your journey.

— Ambuja Rosen

10/03/98 – 04/01/11

My precious angel, you brought so much joy into my life, and you kept Poppa company when he was sick. I will always love you, my beautiful girl.

– Mamma (Francesca Beahan)

1988 – 03/10/01

Mummy’s Little Girl. I miss you soooo much, my Darling, and will love you forever. Till we meet again.

— Mummy (Deb Bowden), Kerry, Alana and Graeme

Kobe Joseph
? – 07/14/06

Kobe, you were supposed to be with me forever. I love you.

— Mommy (Judith Nissula)

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Kobi Pinner, CGC
01/01/00 – 02/26/11

My companion, ministry partner and therapy dog. Kobi, you are my gentle spirit and loving heart whom I will love until we meet again in the presence of our Creator God.

— Love Forever, “Mom” (Rev. Shellie K. Pinner)

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07/03/02 – 01/11/07

My sweet baby, I miss you more than you will ever know. Thank you for touching my life and giving me such wonderful memories. I will love you always.

— Karen McAllen

Kourtney Belle
1987 – 2000

Our Precious little “Q-Ball”. The pain of losing you is overwhelming. We love and miss you so much. ’Til we meet again.

— Love, Mommy and Daddy (Hanby)

11/05/93 – 04/18/05

My sweet boy. Thank you for your life. You will walk beside me in my dreams.

— Letitia Gray

07/04/00 – 3/20/17

You were the biggest blessing in our lives. You taught us what is truly important in life. We miss you greatly. See you at the Rainbow Bridge. XOXO

— Susan K. and Bart D.

Music: “The Dance of the Blessed Spirits” from the opera Orfeo, by Christoph Gluck.

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