The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement
In Memoriam Our Permanent Honor Roll of
Beloved Deceased Companion Animals

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09/24/89 – 07/14/04

“J”, my precious angel boy. You are part of my soul, and in my heart, forever. I send you light.

— Love, your daddy, Dahvid

03/02 – 06/23/05

You were a quiet little orphan who won my heart. You are still with us in spirit. Loving you always till I see you again.

— Elspeth Götz

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07/87 – 07/27/03

To my beautiful Jack, you gave me so much happiness, comfort and unconditional love. Missing you so much. We will cuddle again. XX

— Jodie McGeorge

Jack G.
05/01/00 – 07/21/14

Jack and I pledged to each other. People stopped us and commented how deeply he looked into me. He saved my life and made my life a blessing and honor to love him

— Vivian Grant

Jack M.
06/24/08 – 07/01/16

Jack was an angel who came to love and comfort his human, Denny Lee, through a troubled time, and left when his mission was accomplished.

— Janus Moncur

Jack P
12/02/98 – 10/15/05

We will always love and miss you, our sweetest Jack Baby-oh-Baby. There may be substitutes, but never will you be replaced.

— Mama Pam (Pam Pescosolido) and “brother” Harley

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04/05 – 02/13/10

Sweet Sweet, you were my heart and the light and joy of my life. You gave your daddy and me so much love and happiness. We will love you forever.

— Mommy and Daddy (Andrea Martin and Brad Smith)

06/20/03 – 09/12/10

For our sweet Jackson, who will be missed terribly. You will always be in our hearts.

— David, Chris & Lilly (David Cash)

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Jackson M.
5/27/06 – 4/8/16

Jackson, you were with us through it all. We parted far too soon, and we miss you so, our brave, beautiful boy! You will always be “Our Little Prince”.

Until we meet again, Love Mom and Dad.

— Lethia and Ed Morgan

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1995 – 11/10/01

In memory of our beloved Jake, who left us so suddenly. You will be loved and remembered for eternity.

— Glenn Wanerka

Jake Bronk
02/11/89 – 03/20/04

Your beauty and spirit were a wonder to behold, my precious Eskimo. Thank you for 15 years of pure love and steadfast devotion. Loving you was a privilege.

— Cindy Bronk

Jake Drinkard
01/94 – 06/19/06

He loved, he cared, and gave me hope. He gave me strength. He gave me the things that will keep me strong. Love you always.

— Your mom and dad, Cathy and Dave Drinkard

Jake E
05/12/98 – 09/03/13

My sweet Jake, I will hold you in my heart, forever. I will love you forever. You brought love, light and happiness to our home.

— Nancy Egan

Jake Levin
05/10/93 – 06/27/08

Sweet Puppy-Boy, Gentle Spirit, Wise old soul, Life-Coach, Blessing. Missing you everywhere and loving you forever,

— Mommy and Daddy (Ellie and Howard Levin)

1988 – 03/02/01

My gentle, sweet girl Jam — now enshrined in my heart forever. I will love and miss you every day of my life until we are together again. Thank you for your unfailing love and devotion. Let Heaven hear the thunder of your purr.

— Love, Mom (Tammy Jensen)

09/01/97 – 09/13/08

When the choirs of geese chant at the altar of the goldenrod, and we drink of the elderberry once again, my spirit will be at peace with yours.

— Love eternally, Lydia (Lydia Welnicki)

Jasmine J.
? – 11/02/11

Jazzy you were our protector, and you have left a hole in my heart that won’t soon heal. I miss and love you Jazzy Wazzy.

— teejay (Terry Jenkins)

1997 – 03/25/06

I will always miss you Jasper, my friend. You will forever be in my heart, and I will never forget your sweet and gentle soul. Be happy my moonchichi, I love you.

— Catie, Fly and Rupert (Catie Hansen)

Jasper D.
1997 – 12/03/15

My sweet old girl, how I miss you. You are dearly loved, now and forever. Until we meet again.

— Liz & Russ DeFonc

Jazz Purr
10/16/08 – 03/18/11

Our sweet baby Jazzy, you gave us unconditional love in your short but meaningful life. You’ll be in our hearts forever. We miss you.

— Rick and Diane Belcourt

02/22/92 – 01/05/07

She was our pretty little sweetheart. We will love her and miss her forever.

— Paula and Al Gerard

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01/04/04 – 04/06/08

My beloved Jenny, I miss you so much! I pray that I will be so blessed as to be in your company again one day.

— Alvin Gonzalez

Jenny Kelly
05/01/92 – 07/02/10

Jenny, Queen Guinevere, a lovely lady who, as time passed, grew more beautiful. A noble creature she, who improved my life immeasurably. I will love you all the days of my life.

— Your devoted mom, Nancy

03/02 – 06/23/05

We miss your evening song and that intent comical ‘tiel’ look that you mastered so well. We will meet again when you come winging to greet us.

— Paul, Patti, Elspeth and Johanna (Paul Götz)

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2000 – 04/16/15

Jessi, you were such a sweetheart. My home will never be the same without you, but you will always have a place in my heart.

— Monica Michelena

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? – 11/30/98

You were our Christmas puppy, and brought love and joy to us for over 12 years. You were a comfort to us during many difficult times and we always appreciated your gentle strength. We miss you and will always love you.

— Dr. Robyn Zeiger and Dori Anne Steele

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Jessie Lee
07/02/95 – 01/04/11

Our beloved Jessie, thank you for enriching our lives these past 15 years. You will forever live on in our Hearts. We love you for all eternity.

— Virginia and Dennis Garcia

Jessie Zona
06/11/92 – 09/19/03

I admired your instincts, intelligence, and forgiving nature. You were my little girl, so sweet and always made me smile. I’ll love you forever.

— Cindy Zona

Jesus (Hey Soos)
? – 01/21/00

Stray on the porch, sick, meowing for help. Our time together was short. Your nose to mine, your sticky and lavish chin rubs, and your big purr, are forever on my heart.

— Love, Glinda

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07/98 – 07/11/07

Friend of my soul, bonded in such a deep and lasting way. You live on in my heart always.

— Love always, Elizabeth


We miss your quiet elegance, exotic beauty, and loving heart. We will treasure your memory forever.

— Caroline, Yogi, and Bunny

Jodi Marie
1984 – 07/15/94

Jodi, our girl, you gave us all your love for ten years, and you took a part of our hearts when you passed. We love you and miss you, forever.

— Mom & Dad (Linda & Sam Robinson)

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1999 – 09/14/01

Though our time together was too short, you will be in our hearts forever.

— Love, Roger and Randall

11/16/89 – 04/07/07

He brought us joy every day of his life with his unconditional love and sweet nature. We will miss him forever.

— Paula and Al Gerard

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12/11/96 – 10/07/08

Sweet boy, thank you for bringing such joy to our family. You’re in our hearts today, and always, as you romp in the heavens forever.

— Cindy and Cory McConnell

05/01 – 07/07/09

To our Josie girl: You managed to take our hearts and fill them with such sweet love. What a special furchild you were to us.

— Until Forever, your Daddy (Joseph) and Mommy (Toni)

06/05/93 – 08/16/07

Through those beautiful brown eyes, God taught us of love. In heaven, we shall once more sit on a park bench and share our souls — our lamby, our love.

— Mama (Deborah) and Carmela DeMaria

1995 – 01/08/07

We were so fortunate to have you, the Great Soul that you were — our Matriarch and Protector.

— Kevin and Anne Beck

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01/27/06 – 04/24/16

My constant companion, my center — and Ben’s as well. You made everything seem “okay” despite how difficult times may have been. I will hold you again, for eternity. We just have to wait.

— Terri (JuneBoy’s Mom)

03/01/02   05/01/17

Gentle baby kitty with the big blue eyes, you gave us comfort and love. We rescued you but once; you saved us many times with your sweet purrs, chirps, and snuggles.

— We love you. Your “Family” (Trina Southern)

Music: “The Dance of the Blessed Spirits” from the opera Orfeo, by Christoph Gluck.

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