The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement
In Memoriam Our Permanent Honor Roll of
Beloved Deceased Companion Animals

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03/14/00 – 05/13/15

My Halo, I will love you forever, my special little girl. I know your big brown soulful eyes are looking down on me from heaven. See you at the bridge.

— Momma (Jennifer Wright)

03/17/04 – 10/18/11

My sweet baby boy, you will be in my heart forever.

“Good-night, sweet prince; And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.”

— Lisa Lipscomb

Hanna Snow
01/93 – 04/21/06

Hanna, you were my heart for 13 years. You adored me and I you. I will always miss you and hold you in my heart. Rest in peace, my love.

— Melissa Snow

02/09/01 – 10/27/13

Thank you for becoming everything that you will always be to me …my best friend, my son, my joy. I love you.

— Mama (Cay Alsworth)

09/18/95 – 10/14/99

Harjo, the gift of your presence for four short years gave me more than I ever imagined possible. Because of your life and love, forever, I believe in miracles.

— Forever, Mom (Lee McAvoy)

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05/25/95 – 05/18/04

My sweet girl. It was love at first sight when you were just eight weeks old. I miss you so much, but I know that you are healthy now. Love you, Harleigh bean!

— Jacque Coley

09/94 – 10/13/03

Harley Barley Pudding Pie. Our little wild kitty. Thank you for enriching our lives, loving us, letting us love you. You are missed, and forever in our hearts.

— Mandi, Mike, Autumn, Faith, and Phoebe - (Mandi Marley)

Harley A.
05/27/07 — 3/12/17

Harley, you saved me in so many ways. I am forever grateful. Sometimes I sleep on your bed just to smell your scent. We will love you forever, puppy!

— Eternal love, Mommy, Daddy, Claudia and Michael

Harley (Harlz)
03/01/03 – 09/10/14

Our sweet puppy — you are forever loved and deeply missed.

— Mommy and Daddy

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Mr. Harpo Lu
01/14/85 – 08/17/03

You were a sweet and joyful soul, the ambassador of love to everyone you encountered. You were the sunshine of our lives, and we will never forget you.

— Sandi, Don, and the Amazing Cats

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1991 – 2000

Thank you Hayley for years of unconditional love, laughter, and being my buddy and companion. Your personality, poise, and smarts will always be remembered.

— Peter Christman

1987 – 2001

My darling, there are no words to express how I feel about you. To be without your bodily presence is pain beyond belief. Go play with Sabre, now.

— Jo Somerset

Heidi S.
01/01/06 – 07/18/16

I did not see you close your eyes or hear your last sigh. No farewell words were spoken. I only heard that you were gone, too late to say goodbye. Only God knows why. Miss you, Heidi.

— Lou Sorrentino

Henley Harrison West
03/10/98 – 03/13/10

Puppy mill tragedy to a much-loved friend, family member, and humane education ambassador. You’re proof, it’s not where you start, it’s how you finish! With all the love our hearts can hold…

— Mom, (Judith Kristen) Dad, Cassie, Abbie, Mookie, Holly, Rose, Ned, and your puppy-cat, Cynthia.

12/11/00 – 04/01/09

My adorable Henry, I love and miss you more than you will ever know, and our special time together will never be forgotten.

— Love, Amanda Garrick

1954 – 09/05/58

Thank you for comforting and delighting me during my childhood. I’ve been missing you for a long time. Sorry I never got to say goodbye.

— Aphrodite Matsakis

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01/06/00 – 04/25/15

Hobie, my Millennium Dog, you were my heart and soul, the canine love of my life. I miss you more than I ever thought possible.

— Kathleen Mueller

1997 – 09/17/14

My Hobo, you walked into my life like a little lion and lived your life like the royalty that you were, on your own terms. We love you and miss you dearly!

— Until we meet again, Mom & Dad (Nukhet & Bryan Hendricks)

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Hockey Jean
08/04/92 – 05/05/08

You will be forever in our hearts. Miss you tons.

— Love, Mom, Dad, (Martha and Jeff Sims), Jackson, and Logan

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Holly Hermina
12/24/94 – 02/19/04

My daughter, my companion, my best friend, you are truly the best of the best! I miss you so much. Now I love you even more. Till we meet again. XOXO

— Love always, Daddy (Scott Hanna)

Holly Noel
Holly Noel

My sister and best friend. Always there for me to laugh and cry with, to talk with and confide in, to love forever and always.

— Anne Marie Condron-Buonomo

Holly S.
12/14/03 – 08/06/15

The spirit of Christmas, the star on the tree, you were “daddy’s little girl”. Christmas won’t be the same without you. Play with brother “Nank” until we join you.

— Mommy and Daddy (Ruth and Barry Smith)

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? – 01/19/99

We believed God hand picked us for you because you were so special and bewitching. The truth is, it was you that God hand picked for us. Thank you for your love.

— Lillian and Gil Santos

1998 – 05/18/04

My Honey, you will live on forever in my heart. Mommy misses you so very much. Your life was short but you gave me so much. All my love, always.

— Mommy, Tom, Shiana, and Mittens (Donna Dias)

08/15/12 – 03/31/14

A gifted lapdog and empath — you’ve taken a piece of my heart with you, sweet boy.

— Dale Clark

1992 – 12/06/96

You were an innocent creature who did not deserve what happened to you. I will never forget you. I love you. I will see you again at Rainbow Bridge!


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06/24/83 – 10/23/87

Hugger, your name says it all. I only wish I had more years to feel your hugs.

— With love, your Mom and Dad (Rick and Ursula Brower)

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02/88 – 09/16/99

My foot-warmer on those cold Vermont nights! I miss you still, Humper-doodle!

— Pam Pescosolido

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07/94 – 01/21/04

You have been the sweetest and best friend that any person could have. I love you forever, and will miss you until I see you and Odo at the bridge.

— Love, Dad (Steve Kruzich)

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Music: “The Dance of the Blessed Spirits” from the opera Orfeo, by Christoph Gluck.

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