The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement
In Memoriam Our Permanent Honor Roll of
Beloved Deceased Companion Animals

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10/97 – 01/12/12

My sweet, elegant, feisty, clever Little Dog: you were full of wonder, curiosity and joy — the other pea in our pod. How I miss you.

— Thomas Campbell

2002 – 10/16/15

Baby Cat, you are in my heart; your little spirit is everywhere I am. We will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge. For now, chase laser lights, eat, and sleep. I miss you.

— Susan Christine

Gabby Korhumel
01/01/97 – 09/18/14

Gabby, I stand in awe of you. My little feral cat trusted no one, transformed into an elegant gentleman, the greatest love of my life.

— Carol Korhumel

08/12/01 – 03/05/12

A Best of Breed Champion, a “Lord in the Ring”, but to us you were and will always be our “Goofus” …so loved and so missed.

— Pat and Chuck Hiscock

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Garnet Ace
02/24/05 – 01/12/12

Your courageous fight against osteosarcoma was something to be admired. You were our old Warrior Soul Garnet Ace, the Ace Man.

— Godspeed buddy. Deborah Richmond Foulkes, FSAScot

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1994 – 01/13/05

You will be in our hearts forever, darling Garry. Thanks for the memories.

— Danielle, Jean-Paul and Oxo (Danielle Dieppois)

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06/28/94 – 02/23/07

Go run and play with all my departed companions. You will always be in my heart until we meet again, and I know we will.

— Daryl Price

Gentle Annie
1997 – 05/09/15

I held you till the end, you took a part of my soul with you. Your golden memories will never fade. Rest now sweet Annie. You are still here with me.

— I love you Annie, mom (Kathleen Sievert)

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1984 – 2000

A love like ours is very rare and the loss I feel since you’re gone is unexplainable. You were my soulmate. I’ll miss you forever, Boo.

— Love always, Mom (JoAnn Knisely)

06/17/83 – 06/18/01
Gidget Cuddy

My sweet Gidget, our 18 years together were filled with love and happiness. Thank you for being my best friend. I will see you at the Rainbow Bridge.

— Mommy (Harriet Cuddy)

03/14/94 – 11/03/08

My Ginger girl, I love and miss you very much. You will always be in my heart. I know we will be together again.

— Love, your mommy, Laura

Ginger M
07/25/95 – 11/17/12

Dearest Ginger, thank you for so many wonderful years. I can’t wait to see you again at the Bridge, my Queen.

— Your loving daddy, Eddie Martinez

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Ginger Morton
8/18/01 – 2/18/17

My sweet “happy pappy”, Baby Girl. By my side for 15 years. Full of life and unconditional love for all. I am keeping you safe in my heart for eternity.

— Mommy loves you. (Barbara Morton)

5/12/2000 – 09/06/2010

Beloved companion, faithful friend, always in my heart. You were the ultimate “good dog” and will be sorely missed for a long time to come.

— Elizabeth Doyle

Gingiss Khan
1998 – 02/14/02

My sweet Little Big Man, all I ask of you, is that forever you remember me, as loving you. Until we meet again,

— Love, Mom (Tara Cohen)

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11/11/96 – 01/16/09

On the soft snow, make angel wings. Use your wings every day. Fly free with all your heart.

— Forever, Nahni

04/03/92 – 10/11/10

Thank you for 18 wonderful years. You were so sweet and kind. You will always have a special place in our hearts.

— Mike, Jane, Jessie, Chad, Lisa, Eric, Jason and Violet.

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1987 – 11/06/02

Goober, our “rescued” dog, you gave us unconditional love and we are grateful!
You have left your pawprints in our hearts forever! Missing you, sweet boy!

— Marion Lovell and Don Alves

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? – 02/22/11

In memory of our beloved Gracie

— Pamela W. Kaplan

Gracious Sunrise (Gracie Bear)
12/17/03 – 01/17/18

Angel entwined on my heart.

— Mom (Bonnie Patrick)

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06/18/95 – 09/12/09

To my sweet Airedale girl. Friend, confidant, comrade, faithful companion, light of my life — thank you for 14 wonderful years. I’ll love you always.

— Trixie

1983 – 1991

Epitome of beauty… within and without… we shared such wonderful times. The bond of our love still fills my heart, and will ’til we’re united once more.

— Terry Muehlmann McMahon

04/92 – 10/13/09

You gave me so much joy and love. I will always miss you and your funny little ways.

— Sally Powell

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1987 – 2000

We love you and miss your delicious kisses and that beautiful face. Love from Giorgio, Kato, Roxanne, Noodle, Mommy and Daddy.

— Judy Ridolf

Gucci Staycov
08/24/00 – 04/13/16

Our dear Gucci. We will miss you so much. Thank you for bringing so much love and happiness to our family! You will never be forgotten. Love you.

— Tania (Mom), Rumi, Elena, and Jonathan

01/20/94 – 07/29/07

As a puppy, you chewed the sofa, the rug, and many shoes. And yesterday with all your days fully lived, you put down your head and left us with broken hearts.

— Pat and Chuck Hiscock

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? – 03/25/11

My beloved Gusi, I will love you and miss you until we meet again.

— Mom (Ana Moya)

05/12/77 – 09/17/91

You hold a place in my heart no one could ever fill. Rest in Peace my dear little Gyp. I’ll love you forever.

— Mom (Sarah Robinson)

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Music: “The Dance of the Blessed Spirits” from the opera Orfeo, by Christoph Gluck.

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