The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement
In Memoriam Our Permanent Honor Roll of
Beloved Deceased Companion Animals

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06/09/89 – 03/20/05

My sweet, beautiful little girl … how I miss you … how I love you. Thank you, Dafney, for the joy and happiness you brought to my life. Until Rainbow Bridge …

— Love, Mommy (Sally Santamaria)

Daisi Mae
03/30/03 – 01/08/10

You endeared yourself to me with your sweet disposition, keen intelligence and loving kisses. Knowing you are safe, happy and free of pain in heaven is my solace in losing you.

— Forever in my heart. Harriet J. Kalet

1994 – 05/31/05

My sweet beautiful Daisy.
You were a blessing to me.
I miss you so, and will love you always.

— Your Mom (Marlene Reiss)

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Daisy S
08/20/94 – 03/02/13

Daisy, we will always think of you at your favorite park, prancing there for 18 years. Your indefatigable spirit will always endure. Love, hugs, and kisses to you forever.

— Mom (Linda Spad) and Dad

08/10/94 – 06/16/09

Thank you, Dakota, for a wonderful 15 years. You taught me what unconditional love is. I will always love and miss you, my little buggy.

— Love, Mom (Eileen Smith)

Dakota Sioux
12/15/05 – 11/10/16

You were unconditional love and laughter, and always had a ready grin. We, and Cheyenne, miss you. We love you.

— Jackie Lynch Kinser and Dave Kinser

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? – 11/30/03

You brought love and smiles to my life and I will cherish them forever. I’ve learned so much from you. I’ll love you always Danny, my shadow.

— Helen Archer

11/12/93 – 07/26/04

Mommy’s precious baby and Daddy’s little buddy; forever in our hearts and souls. Let God’s love heal your weary body and our broken hearts.

— Andrea and Kent Holcomb

1981 – 1997

My heart, my soul, my everything. You taught me the meaning of unconditional love. I’ll meet you at the Rainbow Bridge, Darshawn!

— Forever Darshawn’s Mom, Melody Hunter

04/04/04 – 09/08/16

My other self, I'll always love you.

— Brenda Lindley Anderson

09/10/00 – 12/16/14

Our precious little Deacon, we are so glad we were able to hold, love, and comfort you during your last days. We love you Deac.

— Carla and Martin Dean

1997 – 12/10/00

Darling little boy: How could I ever express the pain of your sudden parting and the happiness you gave me in our short time together?

— Vivien Muñoz

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08/24/92 – 08/05/04

Tears have finally been replaced with memories that bring a gentle smile. Cherished memories of you will always live on deep within our hearts.

— Love, Linda and Lilly

1992 – 03/13/96

I miss your kisses, sleeping on my heart, licking my tears when I cry. You’re my sweet baby bird, with me always.

— Love, Mom (Marge Lloyd)

1997 – 09/28/00

Your life touched so many souls, your love touched that single, intimate place in my heart. I will always cherish your memory until we cross the Rainbow bridge…

— Dale Anderson

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06/19/97 – 01/18/07

You were everything to me and I miss my little monkey so much. I will never forget you. I love you. I will see you again at Rainbow Bridge!

— The Mommy (MPZ)

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03/99 – 04/08/10

The most amazing, loving dog we have ever had. We miss you every minute of every day. We’ll meet again for forever hugs, our “crazy Boo”. Love you forever.

— Mom and Dad (Jennifer and Paul Poulos)

06/19/92 – 01/09/99

My Heartbeat.

— Carol Alonis

Doodles M
? – 04/25/10

Doodles was the greatest rabbit God ever made. He was my little prince and I will always love and remember him as he inspired me to go into the veterinary field.

— Wendy Milligan

02/12/00 – 02/29/08

Our dearest girl-dog. You always lived your life to the fullest and we were there to see it all! Lucky us for having had you in our lives.

— Love forever, Mommy (Lisa Lucke), Daddy, Grandma, Willy and Jack

Dr. Hush Puppy
01/05/00 – 07/22/15

Our beautiful cat graces the Rainbow Bridge with his presence. When it’s time we'll be reunited. Fly with the angels, dear Dr. Hush Puppy. You are in our hearts, forever!

— Joan O’Brien-Singer

06/15/98 – 02/11/08

We loved you so, and you loved us more. We will miss you forever.

— Mom and Dad (Kathy and Dan Starnick)

Duke H.
06/01/02 – 01/27/15

Duke, you were a joy to be around and a gift for all of us. I hope you are on Rainbow Bridge, and the place is full of really cool scents to trail! See you on the other side!

— Your BFF, Dennis Heller

Duke Ludy
12/12/02 – 01/26/08

Duke, best puppy in the world! I miss and am lost without you. I love you with all my heart! I’m heartbroken…

— Love, Mom (Cherie Ludy)

Duke Winston
02/18/98 – 08/18/11

I love and miss you today, and always. You will always be Mama’s boy.

— Mommy (Rosemary Fletcher)

02/20/94 – 05/31/03

Thank you, Dunkie, for filling my heart with such complete love and joy every day of every year we were together. Until we are together again, remember you are in Mommy’s heart always. I love you, my puppy.

— Love, Mommy

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Duncan Dean
07/05/92 – 02/07/07

You were the light of our life, dear Dunkie, and a wonderful, wonderful boy. Rest now with your sister, and we'll all meet on the other side. We love you so.

— Your loving family (Virginia Dean)

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04/14/00 – 02/10/07

In memory of our little “Dee Dee” who will live in our memories and remain in our hearts. Lovingly missed by Daddy and Mommy.

— Robert and Nancy Zell

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My precious Dusky — you were my angel on earth and now my angel in heaven. I love you always.

— Christy Powell

11/27/87 – 08/31/03

To my baby girl: As you took your last breath in my arms your wee soul settled into my heart. Thank you for all the memories and your soothing presence in my life. I love you, my darling angel.

— Mommy (Nina Papazian)

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Music: “The Dance of the Blessed Spirits” from the opera Orfeo, by Christoph Gluck.

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