The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement
In Memoriam Our Permanent Honor Roll of
Beloved Deceased Companion Animals

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1988 – 03/26/01

Cinnamon bear, I’m sorry you had to go; but relieved you and Spice are together again. We love you and miss you both, and await the day we will all be together!

— Mom (Mary Selep) and Crimson and Clover

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11/25/07 – 03/06/16

You were adorable and beautiful and regal. You guarded our house. You brought us joy. You were the best present Gary ever received.

— Gary O’Connor and Don Thomas

? – 09/17/08

To my Cleo. You will forever be loved and remembered. You made my life better. Thank you for waiting until I could hold you to leave. I will miss you.

— Daddy (Ken Brazle)

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11/13/03 – 04/16/05

Mister, you were taken from me too soon. You were so strong and brave. Your spirit will be alive in me until we are together again.

— Julie Bereckis

1985 – 01/10/02

Thank you for sharing your life with us.
We shall love you forever.

— Your Mamma and Dad (Victoria and Humberto Macia)

1986 – 1999

Words can not describe the love and bond we share. You’ve moved on to a beautiful place. What a joyous day when we meet you there! We love you man!

— Richard, Kelly, Punkin and Zeke

1991 – 1999

Not a day goes by when we don’t want to hold and kiss you. Mommy and grandma miss and love you. Love forever, Mommy Milissa and Grandma Carol.

— Milissa Mattheson

Cody Bill
? – 09/08/96

May you run with the wind, eat lots of milk bones, and when tired rest you head on a cool smooth stone. And when Windy gets there, show her the ropes.
Rest easy sweet Bill.

— Love, Rick, Ursula and Rodi

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Cody Cash
1991 – 10/19/03

Our sweet baby boy, who was the love and light of our life. You will be missed so much. Words are hard to express how much you enriched our lives.

— Mom, Daddy and Jackson (David and Chris Cash)

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Cody Turppa
07/91 – 06/30/07

My ‘Cote’… the most amazing cat that ever lived. I was blessed to have him, and will miss and love him forever.

— Mom (Lisa Turppa)

05/22/98 – 08/04/14

Sixteen years with our wonderful boy — so vocal — white fur everywhere — forever in our memory on Bumpa’s chair, under the couch, and under the Christmas tree.

– Love, Mom and Dad (Barbara and Ralph Porter)

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1986 – 02/13/04

Cokey, my sweet guiding angel, we shall be together again someday. Thank you for your endless love and wonderful companionship.We will always miss you and love you.

— Mike, Jane, Jessica, Lisa, Chad, Eric and Jason

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10/26/94 – 12/19/98

You will always be our dearest Christmas angel. Thank you for sharing your short time here with us. We love and miss you.

— Kelly and Chris Carlson

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? – 06/14/01

You showed up one day, a feral dog. I will always remember how you ran to the car to greet me. I miss you.

— Paula Gabay

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03/25/03 – 12/09/06

We miss those “chirps” and your help scrapbooking. We will look for those beautiful eyes at Rainbow Bridge!

— Love, ShirleyAO, Johnsons and Epps (Shirley Owens)

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02/20/96 – 04/06/10

Special little survivor, my heartbeat.

— Ellie Waldron

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04/15/93 – 07/19/07

I have been so happy to have given you the home you wanted. You blessed my life with your love. I love you dearly.

— Janice Tosto

? – 1995

Cowgirl, my eleven years with you changed my life. You taught me about the important things — love, enthusiasm, and even loss. Save my place in Heaven, honey.

— Thanks, Carol

1984 – 2000

Sweet Peas, we love you, and miss you always. Remember, wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge. Even after forever.

— Mom (Dolores Pastula)

01/25/06 – 08/12/07

You were such a tough little guy! How could we have known to look for danger from above? I love and miss you, Crawford.

— Pam and Harley (Pam Pescosolido)

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1980 – 03/14/91

You were a wonderful companion and friend, and you live on in my heart.

— Sally Powell

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Cuqui Vera
1996 – 05/02/17

Cuqui, sunshine of my life.
You are now in heaven with Mommy.
May God allow me to reunite with both of you soon.
Thank you for 21 years of joy.

— Your daddy who loves and misses you. Johnny

Curly “Big Teddy Bear”
01/03 – 06/06/05

My big, soft Stooge. I miss having you sacked out on my chest, bruxing away while I brushed your soft curly hair. I'll miss our time together.

— Paul Götz

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06/26/93 – 12/22/10

Curtis Mae, our little “Silent Partner,” you are so very loved and missed. We carry you with us in our hearts every day. Till we meet again.

— Mom and Dad (Lethia and Ed Morgan), David and the Pups

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06/28/89 – 09/16/07

Custard, words are so empty to tell what an amazing boy you are. I will always treasure your “Custardness”. Thanks for being my little guy.

— Love, Mommy (Cindy Resch)

Music: “The Dance of the Blessed Spirits” from the opera Orfeo, by Christoph Gluck.

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