The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement
In Memoriam Our Permanent Honor Roll of
Beloved Deceased Companion Animals

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1999 – 2002

You were a gift from God to teach me unconditional love, trust and obedience. And you taught me to love others with that same heart.

— Your eternally thankful Mom, Linda

04/12/93 – 12/26/09

You were a beautiful bird. I will miss your “Good mornings!” throughout the day.

— Pam Pescosolido

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1996 – 2000

Little werewolf boy Chaney
We shared time for a short while.
All the lives you’ve touched
Shall see you again running,
Bullet boy and smile.

— Helene Georgiou

02/17/99 – 02/09/14

My beloved little girl, my precious, my “chiquitita”, my constant companion, 15 years walking so close by my side. I’ll love you forever.

— Vivien Muñoz

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1983 – 02/14/98

My best friend and companion for almost 15 years! You touched the hearts of many. I love you.

— Sue Ogden

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flickering candle 
12/20/86 – 07/14/00

My precious little boy in a dog suit.
You brought so much joy and love into my life.
I will love and miss you always.

— Love, Mom (Tricia Dyer)

Charlie Bea Pea
12/20/88 – 06/30/04

A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives. By that measure, you led a wonderful life. We thank you.

— Love always, Daddy (Tommy Pea), Mommy (Sally Pea), and Sparky

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Charlie Carlson
04/19/99 – 12/24/07

Charlie cat, you left us unexpectedly and too soon on Christmas Eve. We will remember, love, and miss you… always.

— Kelly and Chris Carlson

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Charlie H.
?/?/00 – 12/22/14

My dearest Charlie, you were my angel, best friend, and the love of my life. I miss you every day and know that we will be together again.

— Love always, Kathy Harmon

Charlie M
10/11/08 – 01/07/18

Your larger-than-life personality brought a smile to our hearts every day. We were extremely blessed to have you in our lives.

Miss you so much, and love you forever.

— Mommy and Daddy (TJ & Brian, and the Pups)

Charlie Piccolo
09/04/91 – 10/27/08

Not a day goes by that Daddy, Mommy, and Sandy don’t miss you. Buddy, you’re always in our hearts, and our love will be yours forever.

— Love, Mommy, Daddy (Chris and Steve Piccolo) and Sandy.

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1988 – 2002

We miss you more each day, each hour, each minute that passes. You were our constant companion and best friend.

— With love, Dan and Gary

Chaser Marie Thurston
05/97 – 10/02/10

Chaser, you will always be the best dog in the world to us. We will always remember you especially at bread time.

— Love, Mommy and Daddy (Judy Nissula and Rick Thurston)

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08/15/03 – 06/30/06

My “special” boy. May your eyes see now what they couldn’t. Revel in the sunshine and scamper with your brothers. I miss you sprawled by my side.

— Dad (Paul Götz)

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? – 06/18/06

So soon you joined your brother. May you have an endless supply of cardboard tubes. I’ll be looking for you to come bounding to meet me.

— Dad (Paul Götz)

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1995 – 12/04/03

Chesie Girl, Nana and Mommy love and miss you. Until we meet again always remember you are forever in my heart.

— Love, Mommy (Patricia Gugliotti)

Cherokee Sioux
09/01/94 – 03/04/05

Our blessing from God who taught us unconditional love, patience, and laughter. We will miss you terribly until that day we hold you in our arms again.

— We love you. Mommy and Daddy (Jackie Lynch Kinser and Dave Kinser)

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12/23/92 – 07/30/03

You were our constant companion and faithful friend, whose rituals and endearing ways brought joy, love and meaning to our every day. Till we fish together, again,

— Mommy and Daddy (Barbara and Ralph Porter)

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Chester H.
04/02/98 – 08/08/14

We love you, Chester. You will always be remembered for your exuberant joy of life, your boundless, unconditional love, your perpetually wagging tail and your beautiful, bright-eyed smile.

— With love, Mom and Dad (Patty and Bob Hedges)

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2003 – 06/15/17

My precious boy dog. You were so gentle and sweet except on our walks when you were the boss. You loved tummy rubs and your smile would light up the world. You were loved by many.

— Mirja Bishop

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Chew Chew
02/98 – 07/20/12

Chew Chew, you are my soul animal and we’ll be together again on the other side of the veil for all of eternity. I love you always.

— Love, Mommy (Alair Altiero)

04/97 – 01/09/05


Your precious love gives us the strength to cherish the past, embrace the future and live each moment of all the todays in your honor.

— Martha Pierschbacher, Larry Blodgett and Artica

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Cheyenne Zack
08/10/03 – 10/27/15

You are the sweetest girl in the world. So beautiful! You gave us pure joy and love. Miss you, sweet girl. Your Mommy loves you. We all love you.

— Mom, Dad, Johnny, and Julie

11/07/98 – 02/04/04

Chili, my fiery little pepper girl. You are with me forever, bonded by love. We’ll have lots of huckleberries and cuddles together in Heaven.

— Love for eternity, Susan Nesbitt

07/01/03 – 01/25/09

You were my best friend and constant companion. You were the best dog I've ever had.

Rest in peace, my angel baby.

— Andrea Milligan

flickering candle 
? – 07/12/03

Chops, from homeless to our hearts. We only had 1 year, but you left us with your love, trust, and an aching heart full of memories. We’ll never forget you!

— Candy and Fred

? – 06/14/06

Our mad recycler. You constant energy was amazing to see. Cuddled up in my hand looking intently over my thumb with those bright little eyes.

— Dad (Paul Götz)

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12/30/92 – 10/22/10

To my little angel: I thought when I lost Christopher Walter I could never feel as close as I felt to you. Mommy misses you so very much, and now, rest in peace.

— Love you always, Mommy. (Eva)

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07/96 – 01/10/04

To Christo:
Never was there a sweeter nor kinder bunny;
Il pleur dans ma coeur…forever.

— Love from your mommy, Marinda

Christopher Walter
06/01/91 – 05/29/06

My joy, my angel, my heart. If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane, I’d climb right up to heaven and bring you back again.

— Love you always, Mommy. (Eva)

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12/15/06 – 01/22/16

Dearest Chrystal, you are so missed, not just by me, but by everyone who knew you. Run and play in heaven; we will be together some day.

— Love, Mom. (Ann Patricia Nagle)

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02/01/04 – 05/13/07

Beloved Chucky, you lived your life with joy and gusto. Your gift to me was love. By breaking my heart you also mended it, allowing me to experience love anew.

— We love you, Ruby and Eric

Music: “The Dance of the Blessed Spirits” from the opera Orfeo, by Christoph Gluck.

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