The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement
In Memoriam Our Permanent Honor Roll of
Beloved Deceased Companion Animals

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01/01/87 – 12/02/04

My life hasn’t been the same since you left me, little man. Thank you for your unconditional love. “See you in 22 minutes.”

— All my love always, Mommy (Ann Trione)

06/93 – 04/11/03

Thanks for kissing away my tears and for being my faithful friend. I look forward to seeing you at the bridge someday. I’ll always love and miss you.

— Love, Annette (Callie’s Mom)

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Callie A.
11/25/03 – 09/23/16

Thank you sweet Callie for bringing so much love and joy into our lives. We will love you forever. We miss our “Sissy Bugs”. Rest well, little one.

— Much Love, Mommie and Papa (Barbara and Marshall Axelson)

11/29/88 – 11/08/97

To Candy, for all the freely given love, happiness and understanding you gave us. And for the life you showed me!

— John E. Mingo, Sr.

07/24/84 – 01/31/97

You stole our hearts and sealed our love. You are always with us, Carm, and we’ll love you forever.

— Mom and Daddy (Suze S. and Marty B.)

Cardiac (Card)
08/01/94 – 10/14/04

Our best friend. We cherish the unconditional love you gave us. True love never dies - you live in our hearts until we meet at Rainbow Bridge, never to part again.

— Love, Dave and Diana Stiles, Grampy and Grammy

1987 – 07/13/03

Once in a lifetime a special little someone enters your life. You adopted me and captivated my heart for 16 wonderful years. Baby girl, you will be evermore in my heart and thoughts, and always forever young.

— Love, Daddy (Don Miller) and Buddy

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Casey Baron
? – 02/14/1995

My Little Girl! Your loss tore me apart. You will always be with me.

— Heather Baron

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Casey E
1998 – 01/17/11

Sweet, lovable Casey. How hard it was to say goodbye. You will be forever missed.

— Ted, Melissa and Grandma (Margery Edgerton)

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Casey Robbins
1994 – 03/16/08

You taught me so much, and our many years together made me a better person. Keep digging holes to your heart’s content! I love you, and miss you.

— Mom (Kathy Robbins)

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Casey Rose
02/16/95 – 04/14/07

Casey Rose, we thank you for 12 wonderful years. We will love you and miss you forever. Rest until we meet again.

— Love, Mom & Dad (Linda and Sam Robinson)

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04/11/05 – 07/23/16

RIP to this beautiful beast. You were one of a kind. Love you forever, Cash.

— Cash’s clan

03/15/01 – 05/02/13

You brought sunshine and joy to me every day we had together. I miss your warmth, cuddled next to me. We will be together again soon.

— Your loving mother (Cathy Behrens)

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Castle’s Merlin
01/20/94 – 06/16/05

He made others look average. The aura of his magnificence will never die. Angels stood in awe that moment I let him go. He now turns heads in Heaven.

— Loved forever by Pat and Charles Hiscock

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Catzenbear Degoonacoon
04/01/93 – 02/01/08

How magnificent, strong, loving, and accepting you were. You have given me strength to go on, but I miss you terribly. I love you, Catzenbear.

— Kat Tansey

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08/26/97 – 12/07/09

Cave Canem: run free. You have been poetry in motion, a gift to all. Loved by Mommy E. and Dennis.

— From Mommy A

08/02/02 – 11/25/14

Such a sweet and gentle soul. She brought such joy and happiness to our lives. We will miss her more than words can say!

— Love, your two dads, Rick and Chuck

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05/29/92 – 10/15/08

My precious little angel, my best friend and constant shadow. You left your footprints on my heart and you will forever be missed and loved.

— Love, Mama (Kelly Lokey)

Cee-za Josh
05/25/00 – 04/07/12

You were my companion, my little funny face, always with me whatever life handed us. Now you are at eternal peace with my other babies. I will always miss and love you.

— Thank you. Mommy (Eva)

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12/15/00 – 05/13/13

You were so beautiful and regal. It was an honor to take care of you for twelve short years. Miss you terribly, and love you forever.

— Cynthia Metcalf

1985 – 02/08/00

There wasn’t a soul who didn’t love you, mine most of all. We’ll walk and talk again, my gentle beauty. I love you forever.

— Leslie Stager-Jacques

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Cen-Cen (The CC)
11/15/78 – 01/11/98

Even at 20, you were a joy to me — warm and conforming and always at my side. You are missed and loved, now and always.

— Mom, Kathleen Sievert (KC)

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Music: “The Dance of the Blessed Spirits” from the opera Orfeo, by Christoph Gluck.

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