The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement
In Memoriam Our Permanent Honor Roll of
Beloved Deceased Companion Animals

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flickering candle 
03/21/07 – 11/16/12

Thank you Bubba for being my friend. Cancer took you away too quickly. You had only five years. I will see you again, my sweet face Bubba Boy.

— Cindy Boisfeuillet

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02/02/96 – 11/26/05

So long big guy. You were a great friend and a loyal companion. We miss you more than words can express. You will never be replaced, only remembered with love.

— Gregg, Ira, Mom, Pops, and Cassie (the Goldsteins)

Buck James
04/15/04 – 07/27/06

To my precious Buck James. Thank you for filling my heart with love. Play and be happy, and find me at the bridge when it’s time. Mama loves you baby boy.

— Jackie James

12/25/78 – 04/11/93

Sir Buckles of Merbeth, you were love and comfort during the worst of times. I will never forget you. I love you. I will see you again at Rainbow Bridge!


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flickering candle 
05/27/11 – 11/18/16

My soulmate, my world, my everything. You are the light in my heart. Thank you for your unconditional love and loyalty. I will love you forever. RIP, my sweet boy.

— Renee Magri

05/06/93 – 10/21/07

Bucky, you were our loyal and loving boy, and our lives will never be the same without you. You are deeply missed, but one day we will be together again.

— Love, Mom, Dad, and Ryan (The Zimmermans)

1991 – 2001

You took our hearts with you when you left us so unexpectedly. We will forever miss you, more than words can say. We were blessed to have you in our lives. Until we meet again.

— Jackie and Antonio Schuck

01/93 – 10/25/03

Fuzzy boy, may you wade in the water, climb the rocks and be happy and free. I love you with all my heart.

— Lisa (Lisa Hardy)

Buddy “Bubbah” May
04/15/02 – 12/22/15

A gentle soul, our teddy bear, always there with a wagging tail and slobbery kiss. You are missed greatly. Rest in Peace, Buddy “Bubbah” May.

— Sincerely, Ginger May

Buddy G
09/29/01 – 01/07/10

Buzzoo the Brilliant! My sweet, amazing little boy. Thank you so much for the lessons on bravery, trust, loyalty and living in “THE NOW”. Until we meet again.

— With much love, Mom, and all the gang (Gonzalez family)

Buddy Kennedy
12/92 – 06/16/04

My dear Buddy, I am missing you so much. Until you, Nini and I meet again, take care my friend.

— Alis B. Kennedy

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Buddy Robbins
1997 – 10/22/10

Beaglejuice, my beloved knot-headed problem child! Thank you for teaching me patience and tolerance. May you be restored to youth and health again. You will be missed.

— Love, Mom (Kathy Robbins)

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Buddy Roland Burris
12/03/03 — 04/08/16

I can‘t believe you are gone, and I cannot stop crying. Missy and mommy are taking care of me. You were our BoBo. Until me meet again. I love you.

— Dad (Reggie Burris)

1987 – 2001

Beloved companion and friend, your loving and playful ways are just some of the memories about you, we will cherish forever in the warmest corners of our hearts.

— The Compala family

1991 – 02/14/02

You will be missed, sweet Buford. You brought love and light to our lives for so long. May you rest in peace until we meet again.

— Heather and Eric Baron

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06/01/08 – 10/05/17

Bullet, you left paw prints all over our hearts. Still loving you, Amber, Chai, Milo and me!

— Gwenda V. Kenon

03/01/03 – 02/02/06

Thumb wrestling. Bulling your way to the fore. Defending your hammock from all comers. It is all missed. You are with Rocky once more, and I will see you again.

— Dad (Paul Götz)

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Bunny Boy
11/15/96 – 03/23/11

I feel so blessed that you were my “bun bun”. Thanks for being the sweetest, snuggliest, silliest bunny ever. I miss you Bunny Boy.

— Jennifer Redfern

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1996 – 08/13/02

Dearest Buster, You live in our hearts and memories every day. Thank you for being such a dear friend. We will find you when we cross over the rainbow.

— Love you forever, Mom (Robin Vircsik) and Bobo

Buster Brown
01/93 – 03/01/06

We rescued you - you rescued us right back. Thank you, sweet boy. Go play with daddy and we’ll see you again.

— Love forever, Mommy and Alisa (Alisa Parker)

12/22/99 – 04/27/05

You gave us such happiness in your short life. You are now pain free in God's special place. We will love you forever. Take care of Sparky - he is so little.

— Love, Mommy, Daddy, and Tigger, too. (Terry and Joe Raniero)

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Music: “The Dance of the Blessed Spirits” from the opera Orfeo, by Christoph Gluck.

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