The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement
In Memoriam Our Permanent Honor Roll of
Beloved Deceased Companion Animals

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08/29/03 – 12/09/06

There will never be a more snuggly or patient girl as you. We love and miss you so much.

— ShirleyAO, Sarah, and the Epps (Shirley Owens)

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1987 – 02/28/02

The years unforgettable… a constant in our lives through so much, an ever loving companion. Bon-Bon, you were true blue, a true comedian. We will miss you dearly.

— Tom, Robin, Candy and Brooksley Brown

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Bonnie D
11/98 – 11/28/11

Sweet old girl, you always made us laugh. The house is far too quiet now, but coming up the stairs we still hear you.

— Gerry and Linda Daley

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Bonnie Jean
07/27/95 – 06/26/04

Your precious little face enters our thoughts, and we smile because you are ours forever. As we released you to God, in His heaven, he too surely smiled.

— Mamma and Daddy (Brenda and Claude Fox) and your sister, Skye

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Bonnie R.
01/27/06 – 07/26/16

Little miss girl, with a true mind of your own you were meant to be our girl and Bixby’s sister. We will always love you.

— Mom and Dad

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1987 – 2001

I miss you being with me, and licking my face. Lucky, Pricilla and all your friends miss you. Love you always, Mommy.

— Maria Balassone

? – 05/18/08

His spirit was indomitable; his father devoted. He played; he purred. He found comfort under a loving arm; and gave it back again.

— Booboo’s uncle (Joel Karafin)

Booboo M
10/01/98 – 05/02/13

Loving pet of Ali Mansurwala. You will be missed every day forever. Such a good dog, we did everything together

— Carol Ann Montana

03/09/06 — 03/31/17

Boog, you were my best friend. I love you and miss you terribly! You were sweet, playful, happy, and the most loving dog!

— Debbie Laney

02/20/91 – 07/06/07

Darling Bookie Kitty, we will always love you and keep your soft, warm, purry, cuddly, loving, sensitive self in our hearts forever.

— Love, Mama and Daddy (Bernadette and Brian Nelson)

08/14/02 – 08/07/09

You were placed in my arms at one of the darkest times in my life. No one can understand my heartache. Remember, I love you.

— Mom (Carol Austin)

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1983 – 06/21/94

My talkative huge part Siamese treasure, your howling and knocking on doors is ever missed. I miss your talking all the time.

— Kathie Thaw

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09/01/06 – 10/23/09

You were my sweetest girl taken from us far too soon. I will always love you, Bootsie.

— Pam Pescosolido

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1986 – 1994

Bradley, during your eight years, you brought so much joy and comfort. Although many years have passed, you are still sorely missed by all.

— Robert Moshe Resnick and Family

1992 – 2000

To the sweetest boy in the world. You are a wonderful dog. We love and miss you lots.

— Jennifer, Becki, Stephen, and Carolee

Brandie Bear Pinner
01/30/99 – 12/17/11

Brandie Bear, my chocolate beagle girl, you took with you a piece of my heart. I will join you again in God’s loving presence.

— All my love, “Mom” (Shellie Pinner)

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A Worthy Golden Retriever. The Best Friend I ever had. I love you forever.

— Marilyn Blum

04/15/07 – 06/08/14

Breena, we love you so deeply, and we know that you are at peace now running with all of your sistermates. Our love for eternity.

— With endless love, Carole and Ken Miller

Brenna Watson
09/27/96 – 03/07/08

You will forever be in our hearts. You loved us well and were loved by us. We know we will meet again, Brenna Bear.

— Love, Mom and Dad (Donna and Paul Watson)

Brett Rae Simmons
04/13/87 – 06/17/04

You brought us so much joy and touched our lives so deeply. We love you, miss you and will never forget you! Love you always and forever, XOXO.

— Ma, Pop, Jayne, Rosa, Kevin, your cousins and your nephews

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11/8/98 – 02/19/07

Our loving friend who loved us unconditionally, you will never be forgotten. You are our “Bridge” beween Heaven and Earth. Always, our hearts to yours.

— Ken and Carole Miller

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09/01/87 – 01/18/99

In loving memory of our Brie, our dear sweet English Setter. We will miss you. We release you to be with Bessie, Beyond Life’s Gateway.

— Carole and Ken Miller

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05/14/85 – 04/06/04

Brindy, you brought me joy from the day you were born. I miss your sweet nature. I treasure the time we had together. You live forever in my heart.

— Cathy Dempsey

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1991 – 2001

My wondermutt, my best friend. I miss our walks together and your beautiful smile. You changed my life and I am grateful for all the amazing gifts you gave to me. Mommy loves you forever.

— Michelle Ryan

Brittany S
02/22/97 – 07/04/12

Brittany, you were such a loyal and faithful companion for nearly 16 years. You taught me the true meaning of unconditional love. See you at Rainbow Bridge.

— Darleen Sims

10/17/05 – 03/10/07

Your prancing gait and unabashed wonder at a leaf blown by the wind are etched in my memory. I hold you in my heart.

— With love, Doris Chandler

07/06/97 – 11/07/07

In loving memory of the most gentle friend who will never be forgotten. You are forever in our hearts.

— Carole and Ken Miller

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10/30/05 – 11/02/15

Our loving, intuitive, constant companion who loved running and swimming, massaging your back, rolling on the red ball, and Frosty Paws! Forever in our hearts.

— Mommy and Daddy (Barbara and Ralph Porter)

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09/90 – 09/15/06

My little angel. If I gave to you even half of what you gave to me, you would know how much I love you. You asked for nothing, and gave everything, joyfully.

— Joseph Boyle

Music: “The Dance of the Blessed Spirits” from the opera Orfeo, by Christoph Gluck.

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