The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement
In Memoriam Our Permanent Honor Roll of
Beloved Deceased Companion Animals

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1999 – 02/04/09

You came to me with spirit broken. Oh, what joy to see you come alive each day to sing and run those rabbits! I love you more than life.

— Your soul mate, Paula Palumbo

12/04 – 07/28/12

You were always my soulmate of all beings in my life. You were pure joy, and our hearts ache without you. We will never forget you.

— Love forever, Tanya Kjeldsberg and family

? – 03/15/18

Baby Bean was my therapy, my comfort when clouds were dark. We smiled together when the sun was out. My life was blessed. Thank you, St. Francis of Assisi.

— Melody James

2006 – 08/09/11

You filled the lives of everyone you met with light and laughter, and your spirit continues to inspire us.

— Niki Vettel

1980 – 06/13/90

Fozzy Bear, you were the first and the best; and you will be in our hearts forever. Thank you for blessing our lives with your gentle presence.

— Steve and Sally Williamson

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Bear D.
?/94 – 11/27/08

Bear, you deserved your angel wings right here on earth. I miss you with every breath, and will love you forever. You were the greatest.

— Love, Michelle

06/10/91 – 01/30/06

I was there when you were born, and I held you when you died yesterday. You will never be forgotten. Good night, sweet prince.

— Jan Hyne and family

Beau Cutshaw
05/13/92 – 10/17/08

Beau, I was fortunate to be your companion for over sixteen years. You made me smile and made me a better person. I miss you.

— Stacey Cutshaw

08/01/02 – 08/04/15

My beloved Beaufort, you are an immeasurable part of my life, as your love touched me and so many more. I will miss you… until we cross the Rainbow Bridge.

— Love, your companion, Dale Anderson

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12/22/88 – 06/17/06

Dear Bella — beautiful cat, faithful friend. Much loved and much missed.

— Eileen Took

Bella Grace
09/06/96 – 05/30/09

My Eternal puppy and most innocent soul. I was blessed with you, and until we are together again you live in my heart.

— Mom (Bonnie Patrick)

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Bella Rose
04/14/05 – 10/14/17

To our precious Bella Rose who filled our lives with so much love, laughter and joy. We will miss you terribly and always cherish our wonderful memories of you

— m & m (Virginia Dean)

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1989 – 07/21/01

Thank you for all the wonderful memories that you have left with me, I will always treasure them. You gave to me the greatest gift of all, your unconditional love. You remain forever in my heart.

— Sue Cooper

Ben Bosonnett
07/02/03 – 11/05/05

Thank you, Ben, for all that you did for me. In your short life you touched the lives of so many. We all miss you terribly.

— Joanne Bosonnet, Chris, and baby Thomas

06/14/99 – 12/26/08

Benji, our little angel, you are gone but your spirit will remain in our hearts forever.

We miss playing with you, cuddling you, and loving you.

— Mom (Monica Swire), Daddy, and Peanut

1986 – 2001

Our sweetest, most gentle, loving and loyal friend. We will miss you with all the love we have in our hearts.

— Philip, David and Baxter

05/26/03 – 08/13/12

We miss your energy, affection, intelligence and the unconditional love you gave us through the years. We thank God for bringing you into our lives.

— Rich and Mary Renker

1996 – 09/07/12

Our beloved Berny, so friendly and loved by everyone. Mom named you Berny and called you Bernala. We miss you so much and you live on in our hearts always, our cherished soulmate.

— Love, Anne Goldberg

03/21/86 – 12/23/98

Lady Bess, we have set you free. You are in your youth again. The sparkle in your eyes has returned. Close at heart; always in loving memories.

— Carole and Ken Miller

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11/11/01 – 06/20/10

Betsy, you’ve enriched our lives in more ways than you could ever know. ’Till we see you again…we love you.

— Kevin and Anne Beck

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Bhante Metta
06/04/98 – 03/16/13

The eleven years we shared together touched us so deeply. Brave and beautiful spirit, you taught us what it means to be patient and loving.

– Love, Sandi, Don, and the Amazing Cats

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Bhudda Foo
12/15/90 – 12/02/05

My heart aches with your departure from this world. You were the best pug ever, and until we meet again, keep dad safe there.

— Kelley Wemark

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Bidsey Bunny
1993 – 11/19/02

Dearest darling Bidsey. Always loving and playful, so feisty and brave. One day, we shall see you grooming in a golden, glowing rabbit hole.

— Emily and James Stuparyk and Bumper Bunny

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Big Guy
? – 08/05/08

He was the coolest cat I’ve ever known. His outlook on life was always positive; everyone was a possible friend. Big Guy, I love you and still miss you terribly.

— Mom (Barbara Morgan)

Miss Binka
11/94 – 08/14/08

Our most beautiful and precious perfect princess — your shining light, your beauty, will never be extinguished from our hearts and minds. We love you.

— Mommy and Daddy (Janet and Joe Mays)

03/03/03 – 10/01/13

The night we laid you to rest
The Northern Lights went wild in the midnight sky
As never before.
Our hearts were broken, but at peace. You had arrived.
We love you always, little Bird.

— Mom, Dad, the pups and Thomas. (Lethia and Ed Morgan)

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10/12/05 – 08/19/16

Sweet Bixby, you were a perfect little buddy. Mr. Frenchie full of love. What a beautiful, kind soul you had, incredible boy. We will love and miss you forever.

— Love, Mom and Dad (Valerie Roth)

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1984 – 1999

Pretty girl of 15 years
To let you go brought many tears.
Miss you much, both night and day.
Love you more than words can say.

— Ricky, Lisa and Rosey Carmine

BK Hussey
1991 – 04/07/07

Our beloved “baby”.

— Jean Hussey

Blackberry Pie
05/31/00 – 06/28/13

Pretty Princess Pie, you traveled with us to far distant lands and now you have traveled far from us to the Heaven you so deserve.

– Loved forever, Chuck and Pat Hiscock

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1989 – 01/15/00

Mr. Baby, precious treasure. You were our magnificent King Skye, my faithful companion and comfort. Forever in my heart.

— Robin Brown

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1989 – 02/13/04

Bluey, our beautiful little sweet girl, we shall always love you and miss you. You were such a loving friend to Cokey, and our whole family.

— Mike, Jane, Jessica, Lisa, Chad, Eric and Jason

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Music: “The Dance of the Blessed Spirits” from the opera Orfeo, by Christoph Gluck.

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