The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement
In Memoriam Our Permanent Honor Roll of
Beloved Deceased Companion Animals

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Andy Katzenbear
1996 – 04/24/12

Andy was loving, majestic and unafraid. I am grateful he shared his life with me. Wait for me on The Bridge, old friend. Rest well.

— Christine Jette

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2004 – 01/10/11

My sweetheart Angel - the sweetest, most loving, gentle girl ever. Daddy received and returned your unconditional love in sickness and health. Daddy’ll join you soon.

— Love forever. (Phil Krzyzaniak)

Angel M.
08/18/01 – 01/06/14

Angel, you will always be just a thought away. You are loved and adored, and will be forever in our hearts. We will miss our Labrador family.

— Mom and Dad (Barbara & Jake Mayers)

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? – 10/02/08

Angelina, I will miss you, sweet little camouflage girl. So glad I brought you home where you stayed and rested comfortably in any doggie bed you chose.

— Sophia Johnson

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08/04/00 – 04/26/17

You touched my life more than you can imagine. I will love you forever!

— Luminita Milea

Angus Foulkes
07/04/ll – 08/15/17

The wee Angus, our Champion, Lord of Angus; you came to us in need and thrived, and showed us courage against vicious disease. We celebrate your life, our silly, loving Deerhound.

— Deborah Foulkes

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? – 02/14/98

Into my life, by chance, I was fortunate to share your short time on this earth. You were so loving and giving, “Wigglebutt”. I hope that you and Charley are forever in play!

— Sue Ogden

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Annie Edgerton
10/06/02 – 08/27/12

There will never be a sweeter or more loyal friend. I love you, Annie, and shall miss you forever.

— Mommie (Margery Edgerton)

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Annie K
12/01/02 – 02/11/17

My Precious Beautiful Annie, for 10 years you were my beloved friend, and companion. You always knew the way home; just one more time and we’ll be together in heaven.

Forever in my heart and mind.

— Love, Mom (Georgette Kipling)

09/06/04 – 04/24/06

You were my best friend. I will always miss the absolute delight you had in life. With the utmost love until we meet again.

— Pam and Harley (Pam Pescosolido)

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07/05/03 – 03/13/15

You were magical. You were sunshine. Words cannot express the impact of your absence. My wonderful little boy, I will always miss you and cherish our years together.

— Fred Frees

09/07/02 – 02/06/12

Our dear Ari, you taught us how to love unconditionally and we carry on that legacy through you. We miss you baby girl.

— Love, Mom, Dad, (Al and Karla Turska), Karma and Cassius

Ari K.
05/14/07 – 01/24/14

Mommy’s Boo, Daddy’s Muffin, you left too soon. Our hearts and our home are empty, but you’ll have the best belly rub ever when we see you again, beautiful boy!

— Kristin Kitterman

08/01/93 – 03/04/06

Dearest Ari, I miss you more and more each day and will always love you, my precious boy.

— Your mom, (Elaine Petrulakis)

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1989 – 09/15/00

It was by chance we found you. You gave us unconditional love for 11 years,opening our minds and hearts. We’ll miss you, always.

— Mom, Dad, Rob and Carla Pugliese

07/25/02 – 01/06/12

Foxcliffe Celtic Arrow d’lux, our beloved Arrow, our first Scottish Deerhound, may your days be filled with playful times and loving friends on the “other side”.

— Deborah Richmond Foulkes, FSAScot

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02/19/08 – 08/08/17

For my sweet girl. I will love you, miss you, and cherish your memories forever. Wherever you are, please remember me. I will always remember you.

— Your human Mama, Jaimee (Oshiro)

1980 – 01/24/00

You’re my angel on earth and now in heaven. I miss you more than anything. Until we meet again. I love you, Buggaboo, always.

— Your “Mamma”, Roxanne

Ashley M
09/19/96 – 09/27/07

Masher, you mean everything to me. I love you so much and always will. I am sad to see you go, but we will be reunited in God’s Kingdom.

— Your loving friend, Eddie

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12/24/03 – 05/29/15

My beautiful quirky catdog who brought me joy and love every day. I will see you again my beloved, and I will stroke your beautiful coat stamped with 3 hearts. Missing you!

— Michelle Herian

01/12/96 – 08/03/09

Aubry, you were the best boy ever. We miss your sweet presence. You brought such joy to all of our lives, and we miss you more than words can say!

— Daddy Rick, Daddy Chuck and CeCe
(Rick Pessagno and Chuck Rowland)

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04/91 – 08/15/99

So long, happy girl. I miss you more than words can ever say. Forever Auburn’s mom.

— Lois Middleton

04/26/98 – 12/12/06

He lived half his life expectancy and in those eight years filled our family with his presence and the full range of intense emotions. We miss him awfully.

— Sandra and Richard Hammer

10/18/07 – 12/18/08

Oh, Aussie — such a happy dog and so full of life. Until we are together again, run and swim until your heart is content. We love you.

— Your Mom and Dad (Bobbi and Sheril Helton), Barb and Rio, too.

05/01/07 – 06/14/10

Austen, you were the happiest dog. You brought joy to us and everyone you met. You are dearly missed, and we will love you always.

— Dawn, Ryan, and Miles Stary Sweeney

1992 – 09/16/02

Austin, you were my baby and my life. The tears won’t stop because I will always love you. You will always be my “Awesome Aussie”.

— Carol Austin

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06/01/00 – 07/03/11

Our loving Avallach, we will miss you and cherish you always. You were our life, and we look forward to being with you again.

— Love you always, Daddy and Mommy (Mitchell and Jaime Gentry)

07/25/99 – 11/06/08

Mitzvah Dog, you will always reside forever in the hearts of all the people you touched on your rounds as a loving little therapy dog, and everyone else.

— Much love, always. Julie Levine

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Music: “The Dance of the Blessed Spirits” from the opera Orfeo, by Christoph Gluck.

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