The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement
In Memoriam Our Permanent Honor Roll of
Beloved Deceased Companion Animals

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1985 – 02/18/99

Somewhere over the Rainbow Bridge I shall see you again, my beloved. And we shall live among the heavens, you and I, forever, always in time.

— Mommie (Teri Adint)

A. L. F.
05/27/97 – 12/31/08

Thanks for being there during my most difficult times. You are my little tiger. I will see you again in the place where no shadows fall.

— Dave (and Kimberly) McNabb

Abby B.
12/30/07 – 11/30/15

You were so sweet and funny, with a heart of gold. We all love and miss you. Hugs and kisses until we meet again.

— Gary and Peggy Boomer

Abby K
08/01/96 – 10/09/10

Playing frisbee, you flew so high with your angel wings! For lighting my darkest days and sparking joy in my heart, I am forever grateful.

— Your loving mom, Mona Kimbrough

Abby L.
? – 05/01/03

Beautiful Abby, I know you’ve been with me all my life, and will be there during all my days ahead.

— Lynne Lohmeier

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Abby Louise
11/10/96 – 03/06/09

You may be gone from our daily lives, but you will never be gone from our hearts! Miss you tons.

— Love, Mom, Dad (Martha and Jeff Sims), Jackson, and Logan

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Abby M.
12/06/11 – 09/10/17

You are my soul mate. I will love and carry you in my heart forever. May you enjoy your time in Doggie Heaven and meet me at the Rainbow Bridge.

— Mom (Diana Mazzuchi)

03/09/99 – 02/26/13

My Abigirl, I miss you so much. Your spirit will be with me every day. Until we are reunited again, run, play and be happy. I love you baby girl.

— Your daddy (John Modolo)

02/14/95 – 01/03/08

I was lucky to have you physically by my side for almost 13 years, and you are always in my heart, my girl. I love you forever.

— Jody Hanson

03/15/94 – 12/24/07

Ace, thank you for being such a big part of our family. We miss you terribly, but will always love you to the moon and back!

— Kisses, Hugs, Bones and Eye Rubs - Amy, Michael, Lucy & Will

04/01/02 – 11/07/04

Not a day goes by where I don’t think about you and the joy you brought me during our brief time together.

— Don (Miller) and Uncle Buddy

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04/01/02 – 11/07/04

Our beautiful bear cat, AJ, so generous with your life and love. We are now comforted, knowing you are guarding us from heaven above.

— Renay

06/08/93 – 02/10/06

Again, I am reminded…what is essential is invisible to the eyes.

Al, you redefined “man's best friend”…thank you and rest in peace.

— Tim

?/2000 – 07/01/11

Albert, you are my little feathered soul mate and you will always be in mama’s heart. I love and miss you, silly beans.

— Jen and Jim Blough

1988 – 01/05/04

My little boy, every ounce of you was angelic. Please forgive me for holding on too long. Love you always, Mamma.

— Teri Engle

01/26/94 – 03/06/07

Dear Alexbell, we miss your energy around this place. Ozzie is 14 now and may soon be joining you. Look for him at the Rainbow Bridge.

— Denise Tierney

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Alfred (aka Misty)
03/09/94 – 12/15/05

Alfred, you will be missed and always remembered as the sweetest cat and the best ‘mouser’ ever. See you and Sparky again one day.

— All my love, Sophia (Sophia Johnson)

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1995 – 09/21/00

Every day we feel your love and presence near us. You will always be in our hearts, until we are together, again. We love you so much.

— Mommy (Barbara Mayers), Daddy, and Major

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Amber D
1990 – 03/03/08

Your gentle and loving soul is soaring now with Peach. Thank you for giving us so much joy and love. We will miss you until we meet again.

— Love, Mom and Dad (Hal and Peggy Decker)

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1993 – 1999

Our loyal, loving “Missy Girl” for five short years. You are missed and loved so much. ’Til we meet again.

— Mike and Sue Lynch. Buddy and Tiny, too.

Miss Amelia
11/01/87 – 04/19/05

You were a constant source of delight for all who knew and loved you. Your patient and loving nature will remain in our hearts forever.

— Sandi, Don, and the Amazing Cats

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Amos Moses
04/19/88 – 09/05/03

You made me laugh; you made me cry. Your devotion and unconditional love for me was constant. My love for you will be in my heart forever. Enjoy the sunshine, my puppy.

— Love, Mom (Jane Ramsey)

Music: “The Dance of the Blessed Spirits” from the opera Orfeo, by Christoph Gluck.

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