The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement

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Washington, D.C. Picnic 2012

Barry, Zach, Melanie, and Zoe
Phoebe and Betty
Karen, Dylan, Raquel, Joanne, Debbie, and Nancy
Karen, Raquel, Dylan, and Joanne
Joanne, Robin, Abby, Harriet, and Carol
Frank, Betty, Carol, Harriet, Dylan, and Nancy
Raquel, Karen, and Dylan
Robin and Abby looking at Karen's rats; and Joanne and Debbie
Back row: Raquel, Joanne, and Debbie; and Robin showing Abby Karen's rats; and Phoebe
Robin, Abby, Harriet, and Carol
Our host, Carol
Frank and his pizza oven
Betty, Phoebe, and Wally, with Karen and Nancy in background
Joanne, Nancy, and Debbie
The geese
Melanie, Betty, Carol, Harriet, Frank, Joanne, and Robin and Abby
Robin, Abby, Betty, Carol, Melanie, and Joanne
One of the residents
Sedgwick, Carol, Dylan, and Betty
Zach and Abby
Another resident