The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement

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Washington, D.C. Picnic 2010

Left to right: Sandy Panchak, Dr. Sife, Danielle Stanley (with Sophie), Beverly Prouty, Raquel Cintron, Carol Auletta, Sharon Kirby (with Rusty), Christina Montana.
Carol, Frank, Sharon (with Rusty), Christina
Our hosts, Carol and Frank
Sharon, Christina, Beverly, Karen, Sandy, Carol
Danielle (with Sophie), Karen, Raquel, Carol
Sharon and Rusty
Phoebe and Dillon
Danielle, Beverly, Raquel, Carol, Sharon (with Rusty), Christina, Frank
Picnic Scene
Picnic Scene
Carol and Dr. Sife (with Phoebe)
Frank and his special pizza oven
Dr. Sife (with Phoebe) Karen, Sandy
Carol and Maxwell
Our dog hosts, Dillon and Sedgwick