The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement

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Washington, D.C. Picnic 2009

Back row, standing, left to right Robyn Spano; Raquel Cintron; Carol Auletta & Dillon; Betty Lupo & Sedgewick; Gretchen Kolsky; Mark and Janet Malphrus & Gracie.

Seated, left to right: Darius and Tasha Maddox, their son, Patrick, & Snoopy; Susan Collins & Edgar; Robin Norris; Dr. Wallace Sife & Phoebe; Karen Borga.

Darius & Patrick; Tasha; our host, Carol; Betty
Our Host, Frank Cook
Our Host, Frank Cook
Raquel, Gretchen, Robin, Karen, Mark, and Janet
Karen, Raquel, Gretchen, Robin, Mark, and Janet
Frank, Karen, Robin, Betty, Mark
Susan, Carol, Robyn
Dr. Sife, Betty, Raquel
Robin, Darius, Robyn, Raquel, Gretchen, Janet, Mark