The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement

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Washington, D.C. Picnic 2007

The September 16 picnic was attended by 14 people, eight dogs, lots of silky chickens, two horses, ducks, swans and a very friendly talking turkey. Frank Cook had just completed his special wood burning pizza oven, and he made several delicious special orders, onsite. And there were lots of photo albums and fond pet stories.

Debby Bjorling and Wally Sife
Genevieve and Zoe
Front: Linda Doering with Pip, Wally Sife with Phoebe, Carol Auletta with Dillon, Gibson, Roy Marks.

Rear: Nancy Nitzberg, Betty Lupo, Genevieve Gould with Zoe, Frank Cook, Linda and John Makkay, Peggy Keller, Deb Bjorling.

Linda Doerling, Betty Lupo, Dillon, Phoebe and Pip
Linda and John Makkay, Betty Lupo, Gibson
Nancy Nitzberg and Gibson