The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement

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Washington, D.C. Picnic 2006

(Left to Right) Front: Carol Freed and Molly; Hazel Liff with Pebbles and Brutus; Sheila Levin with Harry and Maia; Wally Sife with Phoebe and Pip; Carol Auletta with Maxwell and Gibson; Jennifer Shoberg.

Rear: Evelyn Dix; Leslie Liff; Sam Liff; Lana Lehr; Pam Spear; Kelli Toney.

Wally Sife with Phoebe; Ann Graham with Pip; Lana Lehr with Maxwell; Carol Auletta with Gibson; Carol Freed with Molly
Jennifer with Maia, and Wally with Phoebe and Pip
Our Hosts, Frank and Carol, with Maxwell and Gibson
Lana and Sheila, with Maia and Harry
Carol with Rutherford and Gibson
One of the Local Residents