The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement

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Washington, D.C. Picnic 2005

Harry, Sheila Levin, Ellie Waldron, Janine Levin, Ursula Brower, and Dave Kinser
Gibson, guarding the food, during setup
Carol Auletta, Sarah Robinson (seated), Genevieve Gould, Jackie Lynch, Dave Kinser, and Wally Sife
Terry Kinser and Paws, Dave Kinser, Peggy Keller, Jackie Lynch, Sarah Robinson, Ellie Waldron, Frank Cook, Carol Auletta and Wally Sife
Pip, Peggy Keller, Ellie Waldron and Sarah Robinson – with Zoe (center, watching Maxwell)
Janine Levin, Genevieve Gould, Sarah Robinson, Wally Sife, Frank Cook, Zoe, Peggy Keller and Ellie Waldron – With Maxwell sunning himself on the table
Wally Sife with Phoebe and Pip, Sarah Robinson with Zoe
Ursula Brower and Ellie Waldron, with some friends
Ursula Brower, with our host Carol Auletta, and Sedgewick
Front Row: (Sheeba sleeping at left) Carol Auletta with Sedgewick, Monica Williamson with Hunter, Sheila Levin with Harry, Wally Sife with Pip, Ellie Waldron with Phoebe, and Terry Kinser with Paws.

Rear: Peggy Keller, Anne Goldberg, Ursula Brower, Sarah Robinson, Genevieve Gould with Zoe, Jackie Lynch and Dave Kinser.

The APLB Staff, in front of Carol Auletta’s house. Sarah Robinson, Ellie Waldron with Sheeba, Wally Sife with Pip, and Ursula Brower with Phoebe.