APLB Certificate of Counseling Training

Prior to 1998 there had never been any kind of formal training or certification in the United States for pet bereavement counselors. In answer to that need, in we created the APLB counselor training programs and our Certificate of Training, which were offered at our biannual conferences. Later, we developed and implemented a more in-depth online version of that instruction.

The APLB is recognized and acknowledged as the preeminent source of specialized training for pet bereavement counselors. As a result of our ground-breaking achievements in this emerging field, other organizations are now starting to offer programs of their own. However, their qualifications to do this pale next to ours. Their teachers are either former students we trained, or licensed counselors with book learning and no practical experience or established reputation in this field. Those courses also cost more and offer far less.

As an additional service, we have created the APLB Certificate of Counseling Excellence (CCE). This is for people who complete our training seminars and then go on to take our special intern training and become assistant hosts in our chatrooms. This is another “first”, and is a strong step forward in our relatively new field.

Most states and jurisdictions have recently started defining the word counselor as someone who is certified by their own legal rules and regulations. It has been argued that the APLB is “grandfathered” in, as our training and certification programs pre-date them all. But in order to avoid potential problems, if your counseling (or any other word that may be required) is strictly within pet bereavement parameters, you do not need be licensed.

The APLB is the undisputed primary source of information as well as training in pet loss and bereavement. Anyone with this certificate will be justified in claiming to be certified. If you are interested in this, contact Dr. Sife at sife@aplb.org.