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Pet Bereavement Counselors:

There are literally hundreds of people who are now counseling in pet bereavement, and it is not possible for the APLB to register them all. Some hesitate to be listed in any directory, others are first discovering the benefits of this wonderful service, and many more are still unknown to us. We welcome all new applicants to contact us directly by mail or online at This listing is arranged according to geographical location. We are pleased that every counselor registered here is a member of the APLB.

Las Vegas

Kathi Zellers, PhD, MFT
9111 W. Russell Road
Las Vegas, Nevada  89148

Phone: (702) 630-8865

As a therapist in private practice I work with individuals and families overwhelmed by the actual loss of a beloved pet or the anticipated loss. For most of us, relationships with pets are among the strongest and most significant we have known. Loss creates a wound that needs to be healed. It is important that you find someone with whom you can openly acknowledge your feelings, express and work through your pain. I am a longtime pet owner and have experienced pet loss, myself. You are not alone, please feel free to contact me if I can help you process your grief.

Rebecca Zisch, MA, VT
3744 Antigua Avenue
Las Vegas, Nevada  89121

Phone: (702) 371-6205

I am a certified Pet Loss and Bereavement Counselor trained through the APLB. While training to become a veterinary technician, I began to encounter too many people suffering from the loss or impending loss of a pet who had nowhere to turn. Having experienced my own pet grief, I wanted to be able to support others. I believe that grieving for our beloved animal companions is natural and valid. I offer pet grief counseling to people of all ages and backgrounds who have lost any species of beloved pet. I work with children and adults. I counsel people who have lost pets through death, in divorce and even when a pet has “run away”. I also offer pre-euthanasia counseling. Overall, I can offer a nonjudgmental opportunity to work through your bereavement.

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