The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement

Pet Bereavement Counselors: Colorado Show locations


Anne Cattarello, MA, LPC

Gentle Psychotherapy
PO Box 7444
Boulder, Colorado 80306

Phone: (720) 352-0930

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor practicing in both Boulder and Denver. I believe that the animal/human bond is precious beyond measure. I am here to help you prepare for the loss of your beloved companion and/or to help you after your pet has died. In working with me the unique and loving relationship that you shared with your companion will be honored. Together we will navigate your grieving process, helping you deal with the difficult and intense feelings of shock, anger, guilt, sadness, and depression. I will help bring you to the other side of your loss, where you will once again be able to think of your companion and the special relationship you shared with contentment and joy.

Castle Rock

Lisa Kaser, BS

4266 Decatur Avenue
Castle Rock, Colorado 80104

Phone: (720) 989-3695

I am certified by APLB as a grief counselor, and I worked for ten years in the animal welfare field as a behavior evaluator, adoption counselor, foster parent, euthanasia tech, and foster volunteer coordinator. I am a Hospice Volunteer with my dog, Merlin. I have spoken with individuals about their personal pet loss and I have counseled volunteers about loosing their foster animals or a shelter animal. I also have personal experience with euthanasia, as I have lost my dog, 3 cats, and 3 rats. One cat was lost and never found. I understand how hard the decision is to let go, and how hard it is to move on. I also understand how alone someone can feel when they grieve over a pet. My approach to helping people grieve is safe and very personal, as each story is unique. I help people move past their pain into the space where love and fond memories reside. I also help people prepare for their loss, allowing them to enjoy the final moments they have with their pet. I prefer to use art, poetry and ceremony to express love and grief. I believe creativity brings healing.


Meg Lands, MSW, LCSW

677 Grant Street
Denver, Colorado, 80203

Phone: 303-263-4399

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and am certified by the APLB as a pet loss counselor. I have worked and volunteered with animals for over 35 years. I have had to say goodbye to over 14 of my own animals over the years. I know how heart wrenching the decision can be to euthanize ( was it too soon, did I wait too long…) I can help you navigate this decision, and the guilt and grief that often come along with it, as well as the pain that comes with losing an animal in other ways (accidents, etc.). I have worked in the bereavement field for over 10 years. I believe that losing an animal is different from losing a human, and that it has unique characteristics that are often misunderstood by people who have never experienced the love of an animal. I want to help you through this difficult time, and honor your pet, as well as you, for being the special type of person that can open your heart to an animal. I believe that even though losing a pet is one of the hardest things we go through, that it is worth the years of joy and love that they bring us, and hope that as you continue on your journey of healing, that you can feel the same way too.