The Edel Meister Fund

Edel Meister was Dr. Wallace Sife’s beloved dog, whose untimely death caused him to write The Loss of a Pet, and later found the APLB. Dr. Sife feels very honored to have Edel’s name and memory used in this way.

This fund has been created to help facilitate special projects in our continuing growth.

The listing of the names of donors, and the current levels of donations will be updated periodically. Of course, all contributions made to the APLB are tax-deductible. We are officially designated by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) organization.

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(Updated November 27, 2014)

Deb Bjorling : For the 2012 Conference
• • Annie Callaway
Diann Coulson
• • • Marc Guss : Donation made in memory of Our Beloved Brody Guss 8-14-06.
• • • • Elge Kowalski : In loving memory of Toby Gold.
Betty Lupo : In Memory of PIP, Wally’s beloved little boy. I am grateful for the time I had with him. He enriched my life in so many ways.
•• Nora Norminton : In loving memory of my Princess Jasmine Pumpkin Pie, and Tuffy Tomcat. Now you are together again.
Shannon Pedersen : In memory of Dash and all the pets that have shared their lives with the Lundgren, Moore, and Pedersen families.
Pamela Pescosolido
•••• Cary Rauscher : In loving memory of Duncan, who always remains close in my heart. And, in honor of the extraordinary work of APLB.
Sheila Tedford
Robert and Nancy Zell : In Loving Memory of our Dundee on the first anniversary of his passing.
• Annie Callaway
• Diann Coulson : In loving memory of Muppet.
Jo Ann Davis
Lana Kwong
Ann Patricia Nagle
David Nelson
Pamela Pescosolido
Diane Pomerance
Beth Purdy : In loving memory of my sweet Sugar Bear.
Cary Glassner Rauscher
Kathy Yurkunas : In memory of Molly.
Robert and Nancy Zell : In Loving Memory of our Dundee
Carla Andrick
Deborah Bezatt
Karen Borga
Mary and Vincent Caiani
Dominique Cheyns
Flora Clyde
Susan Collins
• • • • Geralyn Colloton : In Loving Memory of Charlie.
Susan Conant : In loving memory of St. George
Diann Coulson
Roger Dapiran
Jo Davis
Marcia Drake
Teresa Fitzpatrick
• • Ira Goldstein : In loving memory of Buck
Paulina Grant : In honor of Pita, to APLB, to keep on giving.
Linda Gray
Hamilton Pet Meadow
Memorial Park
and Funeral Home
• Russ and Kathy Harris : In loving memory of our Edward.
• • • Russell Harris
Hillary Hauser : In loving memory of Mitzi.
Norma Hollis : In loving memory of Precious.
Joey Iverson
• Christine Jette
• Pat Junko
Donna Kahora
Cindy Kaminsky
Tom Kelly
Elge Kowalski : In loving memory of my darling Toby Gold.
Robert Kuhn
Jeanne Kula
• Lana Kwong
Sheila Levin : In memory of Max, who changed so many lives.
Amy Liebman-Rapp
• Betty Lupo
Joe McGrane
Teresa Melton
• • Micky Golden Moore
Susan Nesbitt : To heal the broken hearts of loss. Live on Chili!
Mary Nilan
• Judith Nissula
Nora Norminton
Marissa Panigrosso
Harini Patel : In loving memory of my dear campus cat, Rufus.
Bonnie Patrick
Andrew Penkalo
Diane Pomerance
Cary Glassner Rauscher
• Marlene Reiss
Susan Rice
Christina Richardson
Michele Rodgers
Mark Sehl : In memory of Briged Smith’s cats, Spangles Fierceboy and Kazootie Braveheart
Darleen Sims
Susan Stone
• • • • Carla Tardi : To honor my Michael and Muel, and all the precious others beyond the “bridge”
Catherine Wanko
Sally Williamson
Robyn Zeiger
• Robert and Nancy Zell : In loving Memory of our Dundee.
Corrie Rose Zid
David Bardoni
Leslie Barry
Pamela Blesh
Sharon Bloom
Lisa Carrington
Flora Clyde : In memory of Scarlet and Buck.
Holly Cox
Karen Cummings
Jo Davis
Virginia Dean
Elaine deGreck-Wells
Robert Dorroh
• Caryn Franklin : In memory of Rainbow, on the 2nd anniversary of her death.
Samantha Frembgen
Carole Fromm
Sandra Gail
James Geiger
Paula Gerard
Ira Goldstein : In loving memory of Buck.
Genevieve Gould
Michelle Grosman
Andrea Gung
Paula Hanna
Lois Harrington
Russell Harris
• Ian Henderson
Dannean Hetzel
Pat Hiscock
Kriss Hoffman
Jill Iverson
Joey Iverson
Pat Junko : In loving memory of our precious “Molly J”
Cindy Kaminsky
Joan Kellog
Lynne Lohmeier
Lisa Lucke
Betty Lupo
Victoria Buskirk Macia
• • Jeffrey Mandel
Deborah Massey
Dani McVety, DVM
Joseph McGrane
John Modola
• Janus Moncur
• Micky Golden Moore
• Ann Patricia Nagle
Judith Nissula
Nora Norminton
Elizabeth Ohlhorst
Marissa Panigrosso
Dr. Pam Pare
Harini Patel
• Bonnie Patrick
Richard Pessagno : In loving memory of Aubry
Madhumati Ramesh
Terry Raniero : Our love to Buzzie, 3 years later, still in our hearts!
Cary Rauscher
Cathy Reisfield
Kathy Renner
• Christina Richardson
Ruth Rudderow
Janeen Saffle
Aaron Scott
Lori Solay
Pam Spear
Leslie Stager-Jacques : Donation made in the name of Josephine (Jen) Zagare and the farm animals with whom she grew up.
Michelle Sweet
Marianne Talbot
Donna Thompson
Debra Volenec
Jonathan Von Breton
Catherine Wanko
Edwin Williams
Doug Wilson
• • Robyn Zeiger
Robert and Nancy Zell : In loving memory of our Dundee.
Corrie Rose Zid
Sandee Zuccaro
• Rosemarie Alleva
Toni Andres
Beverly Bavaro : For Persia, my dear guinea pig. RIP.
• Reverend Bonnie Berger
Karen Borga
Cynthia Bronk : In memory of Jake
Michael L. Brownstein
Cia Bruno
• Susan Byers
Eva Cancel
Lynn Case
Jeffrey and Elizabeth Cerro
Abby Chack
Rachel Cicigline
Lisa Comeau
Kathleen Cooney
Lauren Danchak : My “Ralphie”, our love is forever, our souls to meet again.
Roger Dapiran
• Maria Diamond
• Danielle Dieppois
Emma De Rosa
Evelyn Dix
Dawn Drago
Mark Ferguson
Christine Flack : In memory of Miles & Winston, forever loved (kitties).
• Jim Geiger
Lee Gerard
Mara Goebel
• Bonnie Goodman
• Toni Greenfield
Penny Gregorich
Deborah Hammock
Patricia Hedges
Nukhet Hendricks
Theresa Hinton
Pat Hiscock
• Norma Hollis
Ann Howie
Dodie Hubbard
Jean Hussey
Sophia Johnson
• • Harriet J. Kalet
Joan Kellog
Tom Kelly
Jennifer Ketter
• • Mona Kimbrough
Shawn Klauke
Elaine Kleinbart
Sinead Lancaster
Cheryl Latka
Lana Lehr
• Sheila Levin
Lisa Lucke
•• Jackie Lynch
Joyce Lynn
Lori Lyon
• Victoria Buskirk Macia
Gerie Madak
• Jeffrey Mandel
Deborah Massey
Cynthia McConnell : This is in memory of Lucy, the beloved pet of Jay and Harriet Clapper.
Lucy Miller
Mary Pat Mills
• • Luis Mon
Micky Golden Moore
Lethia Morgan
Ann Patricia Nagle
Sara Novac
Marissa Panigrosso
Charlotte Parks : In memory of Kipling, our dear sweet cat.
Dr. Pam Pare
Harini Patel
Wing Lok Poon
Barbara Porter
Allison Powers
Jesus Reyes
• Susan Rice
Sheila Richardson
Lee Riedl
Carol Rowehl
Nancy Schluntz
Kristin Schultz
• Marianne Schultz
Philippa Scott
Ami Seals
Steve Shannon
• • Kathleen Sievert
Edith Silvestri
Briged Smith
Peggy Spofford
Leslie Stager
• Monica Swire
Carla Tardi
Trent Thompson
• • Denise Tierney
Catherine Wanko
• • • Glenn Wanerka
Scarlet Watson
Karl Weber
White Rose Pet Memorial Services
Wing Lok Poon
Paul Witkowski : Glory, a sweet dog, loved by all, who gave so much joy!
Melodie Zentall